Just got a BAT VK1000 ?

I think some of you here might appreicate this story. I have
been researching for a new amp for the best couple of months.
I was looking at a CJ MF2500A, DNA 225. I wanted a decent
upgrade from Sonographe SA 400. My dream amp was a Pass
Labs X250 but the price was a bit out of my range and
the fact that it weighed 100lbs did not help either.
The CJ and McCormack were more in my range and had the
sonic attributes I was after.

I went to my local dealer and we began to talk about what
I was looking for and how much I wanted to spend. Out of
the corner of my eye I noticed he had a pair of used BAT VK1000 monoblocks just sitting there. Interesting. Never seen one of these before. Hmmm. Nah! Better not. I can't afford them any ways. Stick to the plan you fool!

Well to make a long story short. An hour later I bought one
of the BAT monoblocks. It will be sent back to BAT to change it to 2 channel. My budget was going to be $2K for a used/demo CJ or McCormack. I got the BAT for $2200. The
conversion will cost another $300 or so.

As you can see this posts shows the benefits of sticking
to your plan. So I spent $500 more than I wanted to and
ended up with an amp that weighs in at mere 110lbs from
a manufacturer I was not even considering. Perfect!

Now a few quick questions. I am curious as to how the BAT
stack's up against the Pass Labs X-250. Its hard to find
any info on the VK1000's. What speakers do they tend to
match well with. Any info would be apprecited.

What you will have is a VK 500 after the conversion to stereo. There is plenty of info in the VK 500, it is known to be a very fine amp.
I have a BAT VK500 w/BAT pak and enjoy it very much, I keep looking at other amps but they don't seem to be better, just different and often at a much higher price. I was tossed up between the X350 and the VK500 and am very happy with the decision I have made. I don't feel this is the perfect amp but for right now for me, it works great.

Hi Ejlif,

Correct me if I'm wrong but the VK1000 is a 350W amp.
The VK500 is 250W. When the conversion is made will the
VK1000's power output be reduced to 250W? Just wondering

Cmach- When the conversion is performed you will have a VK-500w/bat pak. A VK1000 is just a bridged VK-500 the only thing that will be changed is the front panel you will have two power switches on it and the rear panel will have 2 inputs, 2 outputs and two IEC's on it. I believe there is some basic rewiring that takes place at the same time, but that is fairly simple from what I've been told.
I also use the VK500 w/bat pack, and have found it to be a very nice amp. Solid low end, smooth highs and a fairly liquid midrange for SS. However, my Alon V/Circe speakers are voiced for tubes and I am considering ASL Hurricanes as a potential upgrade/change. In the meantime, the BAT does a fine job for my needs, and betters my previous amps by Aragon, Classe', and McCormack. It is all about synergy. Do your speakers require more than 250 watts per side? Are they voiced for SS amps or tubes? What types of music do you listen to? Where would you like your system to go in the future? These are some of the questions which can help you find the right components or upgrades for your system. Good luck with your new BAT, it is a great amp.