Just getting started on a budget and need bookshelf speakers/receiver now

I am poor and need some bookshelf speakers and a receiver, all for around $600-$700.  I know this is a surely a travesty for most of you because you are professionals, but... I have to start somewhere and won't come into much more money anytime soon.  I currently have Infinity Reference 2000-3 speakers and a Yamaha RX-395 receiver.  I listen to CLASSICAL music and OPERA.  I'd like to have the speakers and a receiver that can handle bluetooth, my cd player, the tv and computer.  I've looked at Kanto YU6, Cambridge Audio SX-60, ELAC Uni-Fi UB5 and MartinLogan Motion LX16.  But I don't know if these speakers are better than what I've got (I have to think they are since mine are ancient).  I know you will probably say "just save your money," but that won't work.  Can you please help me?
I went old school/new school on my budget. Old school Marantz Model 18, and a Technics SL-1200MK2. New school, Elac Uni-Fi UB5 speakers. I purchased all three for a total of $1500. It’s a great combination, and I couldn’t be happier. 
I can only speak in reference to NAD gear mentioned by other posters. If you pursue that route look at sites that have the NAD 3020 integrated amp for sale. That amp has been out of production for quite some time but in the used market you may be able to find one that is in excellent condition or has been refurbished. The 3020 was a big dog killer in it's day because of it's performance compared to amps costing much more.
If you do decide on a NAD pay close attention to the speakers to be used with it. Some sound not good like Klipsch and others. NAD and PSB were or are kinda like sister companies. PSB mates well with NAD stuff. PSB offers many lines in terms of price.

Don’t forget the vintage NAD 7020, which is the 3020 with a receiver. Just got one off of eBay and had my guy replace some caps and clean it up. Total invested $200. Replaced my 15 year old Paradigm Atoms with new ELAC Debut 6.2s that we’re on sale on Amazon for $150. Great sound for $350 all in.
emotiva bas-x ta-100 is a tuner, dac, amp and has phono pre-amp that is as good as separates w/50 wpc at 20-20k into 8 ohms at .08 thd for 399 bucks will probably beat the NAD depending on what you pair it with.
Triangle Focal or Paradigm