[Just for fun] Favorite Thread Derailleurs

As a long-time lurker on many audio threads I have come to enjoy the sheer number of times threads get derailed by "helpful" folks who recommend solutions wildly out of the OP's request. For example:

OP: I am looking for a pair of small desktop speakers for $1,000 or less that will blend well with my Sprout amp. Space is at a premium as I live in a small apartment. Thanks.

Derailleur 1: Magnepan 1.7s should be on your list. While too large for a desk, and quite a bit more than 1,000, they will shock you with their soundstage! Of course they are also difficult to drive, so you will want to upgrade your Sprout to something that is 2 ohm stable -- you should be able to find something here on the 'gon for under $2,000 if you look around. 

Derailleur 2: Why are you getting speakers? Clearly headphones would be a better choice. The Sennheiser 820s can be had for only $2,500 -- a slight stretch, perhaps, but well worth it.

Derailleur 3: OP, you did not specify what color your walls are painted, what the surface of your desk is made from, and what kind of computer mouse you are using--all of these will interact with your speakers and can cause major differences in sound. I highly recommend you get a Taj Mahal Electro-Piezo Mouse Pad Isolator, which retail for only $899 -- opened the midrange response to a shocking degree in my system and highly recommended!

--you get the idea :)  Put your favorite in the comments below!