Just finished my 7.1 set-up

Maggies all-around:

1. 1.7 fronts
2. MMG Surrounds
3. MMGW rears
4. CC5 Center
5. Velodyne powered sub

Yamaha pre-pro
Sherwood Newcastle A965 Amp
Sony 7000ES DVD player.

Audio Art cables wherever possible -
PS-Audio AC-12 Power cables.
Optical digital audio.

Cranked up Clapton's "Slowhand" SACD and it brought a tear to my eye.
Sounds like a super nice system, congrats! I'm thinking of
some Audio Art cables myself. Which ones did you get?
Which Arcam player? Did you try it instead of the Sony?
@Telescope_trade - Audio Art Signature Series ICs. My listening room has Audio Art power and ICs as well. Rob Fritz was very helpful. They had to fabricate a pair of 35' cables for my rears...WAF forced a design change :)

@Zydo - I am using the BDP100 for theater, a 137 for SACD in listening room. I got this as an alternative to the Sony 7000ES Carousel (which I also have installed online). I use the Sony for Kids discs and wife's selection (easy access and play)....

@Lapierre - I'll take some photos and post them in about a week...my wife wants me to get the paintings back up :)
Is the sub only for theater playback;if used for 2 channel stereo did you have any problems getting it to blend with the panels?

I use a Velodyne powered sub in my listening room as well.

I was watching the volt-amp meter inline with the amp as the non-powered woofer would engage for LFE and I was astounded at how much current it drew all by itself. That's why I opted for the powered sub - with a 100 Hz crossover setting on the fronts.

Contrary to what I have read concerning the maggies, I have no problems with current draw - I do not view them as "inefficient" speakers.

I can watch the volt-amp meter rising as I turn up the volume however, its too loud to enjoy if I really want to dim the lights. The Velodynes allow for phase correction so I don't have any problems.