Just discovered Krell SACD Standard plays MP3s

I had this player for 6 months and just discovered by accident that it plays and identifies on it's display MP3 files.So i decided to post my "discovery" for other numbnuts like me.Btw,there is no mention of MP3 playback in the manual.Cheers.
Are you sure your playing mp3's ? You can usually tell when there are 10 cd's worth of songs packed into 1 cd. mp3's usually get converted to the Joliet stlye of reading and writing of cd's. Joliet is the most popular although there are a few others.
Yeah,by mistake ,while listening in the dark,i inserted Uriah Heep 1970-1980 (11 albums) and saw the display read MP3 just before it started playing.Probably,the ability to read MP3s is built in all DVD drives by default.