Just Curious--when will PSB come out with a new product line to replace the Imagine T2/T3?

Paul Barton has a track record of trickling down technology and making substantial improvements when he introduces a new line.  I think the Imagine T2/T3 came out in 2011/2012.  If we are 6-7 years deep into these products is a new line en route?  

The T3 is a late 2014 or early 2015 release.
Ahhh, chazzy007, that suggests we have more time to wait.  Thank you.
i agree it's not good to have same stuff for several years. NOT GOOD.
Haha I have listened some newer speakers recently and I would not get rid of mine. Listened to the new Focal Kanta not even close
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@jtsnead How do you like you T3's? How would you describe their sound and what do you have in your system? I have them in a 5.1 system with the matching C3 center. BAT VK-6200 5 channel amp. I used to use a NAD M27.
Like them very much even in my small 13' × 15' room. Very resolving with excellent bass response. I have 2 channel PS Audio BHK Pre, Directstream player and DAC, Nord One Up mono amps, Technics SL1200G AT ART9, Parssound JC3 JR
@jtsnead My room is small as well and they sound amazing.
It feels like they'd like more room to breathe but they do extremely well in my space which is about the same as yours.
@jtsnead How did the Kanta compare to our T3's? How was it better and how was it not? 
@jbhiller I'm very curious. The new Kanta 2 has been widely praised.