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Hi I am fairly new to using high quality audio equipment.  I have assembled all of the gear I want for listening/enjoying the music.  Of course it’s only a matter of time before you ask yourself “What if?”.  I understand that room acoustics matter so I am off trying to implement acoustic panels - some good relatively consistent advice here.  What I struggle with is the subject of vibration control/isolation ... the advice from the community is not very consistent.  The floor in my listening room is slab cement with ceramic tiles on top.  I have Avant-garde Uno speakers (with spikes since that is they way they came), REL subs (rubber feet) and effectively an unbranded equipment rack (with spikes).  Are spikes what I should remain with for this kind of surface?  Does it make more sense to decouple the speakers and rack from the floor with some kind of isolation device?  Should I be replacing the current metal spikes with “cones” (or other device).  Should I use the same device for speaker and rack?  I just want to avoid shelling out a bundle of money for something that may turn out being a negative.  Thanks in advance for your patience with my naive questions.
Cakyol, he asked about isolation / decoupling... how is your response about ground loop hums even applicable?? Like, you didn’t even attempt to answer his question, lol.

Check out Isoacoustics and Black Diamond Racing Cones...

My first effort was a 6 degree-of-freedom inverted pendulum 🔜 single airspring 🔚 iso platform that employed heavy ballast mounted below the airspring plus extra large auxiliary air canister and lateral support spring system. Cryod steel rods and hardware. Below 1.0 Hz performance. Repeat, single airspring. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.
Talk to the hand, sleep stalker! 🖐 Did they finally cut you loose from Subway? Is 65 in your moniker your birth year or IQ?
Lol . . You guys are a trip!

I have a concrete slab with foam pad and medium pile carpet over it.  When I got my towers speakers, I tried them with just the tiny rubbery-button feet they came with, but the speakers would be too easy to tip and fall over.  So I put on the spikes and they are more stable now.  

I don’t know a final position for each item yet, so the two subs with rubber feet . . one sits on the carpet, and there isn’t space on the floor for the other sub, so it is sitting on a folded towel (to prevent scratching it) about 16 inches up from the floor on a brick shelf that is part of the fireplace.  

I have no idea what I’m doing but hope to move things around once my roommate leaves (delayed by COVID-19) and I can swap the smaller furniture (in his TV room) into my listening room, which currently has a large sectional taking up a lot of room.  Then I can consider room treatments.  We all got problems.