Just confused about where to start

Hello all,

I'm looking to add speakers to my audiophile setup which currently consists of (very high end) headphones. I want speakers for everything the headphones cannot do - simple enough. Problem is, I'm having difficulty deciding which gear I want to buy. I demoed a pair of B&W 705 S2's today and was very impressed. Unfortunately, my budget isn't that high. It's $1500 total, for the speakers and amp combined. Source is a computer. I listened to a cheaper pair of B&W bookshelf speakers (can't remember which, but were around $1200) and was not impressed. I am leaning toward bookshelf speakers but don't know if getting floorstanding at this price point would be a large increase in quality. The room they will be placed in is only 100 square feet. I am willing to buy used.

So, my questions, summed up are:

Is bookshelf a better option than floorstanding?

Is it worth looking at cheaper B&W models, or should I look at other companies altogether?

At least with headphones, I like a pretty neutral sound, if not a tad warm. Are there any companies that predominantly have this sound signature?

How should the room size inform my choice of speakers?

I see no reason that the Lyr2 could not be used as a preamp for an amplifier. I suggest starting another thread requesting input for an amplifier to be used with your Snell speakers. 
@willemj Sorry, guess I didn't tag you in my blurb about the headphone amp.
This is the amp. It's stated that it can be used as a preamp with "powered desktop speakers"
So does this mean it would work fine with a power amp as well?

I'm creating a new thread as has been suggested and will tag you there as well.
The simple answer is: yes that would be the same situation as powered speakers. Off to a weekend assisting in a course on bicycle maintenance (cycle touring is my other hobby).
@willemj thank you very much. I used to be into cycling and bike maintenance myself. Sadly no more... Enjoy your weekend!
This is volunteer work for the Dutch Cyle Touring Club. The course is taught by the best frame builder in the Netherlands, in his workshop, and I am there to make the coffee and to give a helping hand. Camping in the orchard.
I am sure it will get me in the mood for this summer's tour, probably to the South of France.
As for your amplifier: since you already have the DAC/pre amp part of the chain, you may want to consider the 2x120 watt Behringer A500. Alternatively, for a bit more money but also better build quality, why not try to find a Yamaha P2500s or P3500s. I bought a 2x250 watt P2500s for my son for only 300 euro, and it is outstanding. The model has recently been discontinued, but you may still find one somewhere, and perhaps at a discount. See here for a review of the 2x350 watt p3500s: http://www.homecinema-fr.com/forum/amplificateurs-de-puissance-haute-fidelite/mesures-ampli-yamaha-p...