Just changed component stands - how to modify soun

I've been changing my system around lately. I just got everything sounding to my satisfation. I had a dyi flex stand with Ikea end tables for selfs and steel poles for supports. The sound was rich, full and tonally accurate. There was a lack of resolution and the sound stage was a bit small. I got a WAFed SudioTech ultimate 48 cabinet. I like it very much. Its very practical and looks good in the room ... but the sound is so different. Its sound stage and resolution is better but now the sound is harsher, thinner and giving listeners fatigue. I've tried isolation cones and changing a few cords and cables and sitting my amp on an intertube but no real changes yet. Help. Any suggestions ( besides sell the unit).

Try Sorbagel under the PRE AMP and the CDP should help the harshness, and the base. Go to dang-good-stuff on e-bay and get the 2.25" 30 durometer a cheap fix if it works!!!
What kind of cones have you tried?
If there are real acoustic changes it's due to reflections off the enclosure or resonances in it and not any differences in vibrations unless you have microphonic tubes.

You could take the door off and cut bigger holes in the sides, put 4" type 704 rigid fiberglass in front of it and to the sides (this is available commercially with wife-friendly prints), or move it somewhere farther from the speakers.
Thanks for the responses!

I have a variety of DH cones from small to jumbo.

I do have tubes but they sounded fine in the other open rack. I'll try it with the door open and some pillows inside of the enclosure. I'm having my shelves from the other rack cut to fit this new cabinet. I hope that is a step in the right direction as well.

I'm looking at the Sorbagel and the isonode from Bright star audio