Just bought MBL 101D's and need advice

I just bought a nice clean used pair of these speakers and need a little basic advice from you users out there. I have three questions.

First, they didn't come with floor spikes...anyone know what size/dia. thread these take?

Next, I have two Spectron Musician 3 MK2's bridged to mono that I was planning on powering the speakers with. My question is about which is the better choice:

A: Jumpering the speakers and running them with a monoblock each or
B: Removing the bridging on the amps to revert them back to stereo and bi-amping the speakers.

Lastly. I have a pair of subwoofers that are very tight and dynamic. They are Isobaric subs and can cross over as high as 125 Hz comfortably. I have never been a big fan of the ported bass enclosures that MBL uses and was wondering your opinions about crossing over to the subs and running them in stereo next to the speakers.

I would really appreciate advice on the subject from those who currently have 101's set up.

I have 101E's, you can refer to my past threads to gather lots of different info.

Spikes: I use Sistrum platforms underneith mine and I'm very happy, I know allot of others who use the same product and under a variety of different speakers and all feel the same way so that's what I would recommend.

Amps: I would sugest you try them both ways to see which you prefer.

Subs: again try them, I have not tried subs with my speakers but I did hear someone elses set-up with subs. I have a pretty good room and don't seem to be having any issues with bass, it sounds great and prefer my bass offer the one I heard with subs.

I noticed you mentioned your speakers are "D", do you know what the difference is from "E" and "D" models.
I think the spikes are metric M10 thread. I have 101Es and will measure the spikes tomorrow and follow up.