Just Bought a VPI Scout

I finally spent the dough and bought a Scout. I already have two LOMCs on hand, a Denon 301mkII and an Audio Technica AT-33EV. Will these carts match up well with the JMW-9 arm? I'm using a Monolithic Sound phono stage with an Audio Experience Solo tubed step-up. Any advice/opinions from Scout owners out there will be greatly appreciated.
Regards, Sam
I owned a Scout, and I always used the calculators found on the Vinyl Engine website to match cartridges to the JMW-9 arm. From what I read, neither of those cartridges is the best match. Not saying they won't work--try them, find out--but high compliance carts are what you're looking for.
higher compliance, I should have said.
As I said on the AA board, I have a ZU/dl103 mc ctg which I have been told isn't a high compliance ctg for my Scout and it works and sounds wonderful. You will be fine with your cartridges. Just set up carefully and enjoy.

If I were you, I'd touch base with Mike at VPI. He will give you really good setup advice. You may be encouraged to buy a small weight for the headshell to make the cartridge and arm mate better.
The Zu 103 adds mass at the headshell to increase the effective mass of the arm, so that the lower compliance of the cartridge can match with lower mass arms. The design center that Zu used was the Rega RB300, which has an effective mass of around 9gm. The Denon 103 will not match well with low mass arms at all. Unless you use a headshell weight to increase the mass of the arm.

My take is that the medium/high compliance Denon 301 will be a match made in heaven. Many love the Dynavector 20XL in that arm and the Dyna is even lower in compliance. Then again, why not just try both and report back?
The AT 33 is high enough to work well in the Scout arm; I use one in a Graham 2.2. I have used a Denon 304 in a Scout arm and it has a similar complience if I remember. Most cartridges will work in a 9 gram mass arm which is about the mass of the Scout arm. The only Classic I have sold yet was with a Denon 103, sounded good to myself and the buyer; it is a little higher in mass than the 9" Scout arm as it is 10.5".
Not to disagree with the other carty advice above, but I agree with Stringreen's advice that you should check with Mike at VPI before putting cash down. As I've mentioned in other threads, I pulled out what little hair I have left trying to match 4 cartridges to my Classic 10.5i arm. The best fits turned out to be the Sound Smith VPI Zephyr and the Dynavector 20X. These cartridges list for $1000 and $850, respectively. As I recall, the compliance ratings of these cartys are 10 and 12, which I consider on the low side.

The 3 other cartridges that I bought, tried and either resold or returned listed for $570, $$975 and $1250. For me at least, that's a lot of $$ to just "try out."

I think one of the design aspects of the JMW arm that makes cartridge selection a little more complicated than just checking effective arm mass and cartridge complaince is the uni-pivot arm.

Now, Mike has previously told me that the JMW arm can be made to work with just about any cartridge out there. That may be true. . . . but how much grief will go along with making the match. The nice thing about the VPI Zephyr, which was designed for the VPI arms, is that I slaped that sucker in and started to spin vinyl. No grief. The DV was also an easy install.

So if you call Mike, ask him if the cartridge you want is a "slap and play" type or a "bang your head against the wall" variety. IMHO, I'm not interested in sending the cartridge and arm to VPI for a custom install, which Mike does from time to time. FWIW.
Thanks for all the info folks. It sounds like I should be able to use either of my carts with good results. If not, I can always sell them and try something else. This all should be a bit of fun for me. I haven't had a new table in twenty five years.
regards, Sam
I'm trying the AT-33EV with it first and, so far, I'm getting good results. Setting this thing up is tricky, but fun. I want to try my Denon 301mkII next and I'm wondering if I should use the 3 gram cartridge weight with it. That would bring the weight of the cart from 6 grams up to 9 grams. I suppose I should try it with and without and see how it sounds. Just wondering if anyone has an opinion.
Thanks, Sam
I used a DV-20xl on my Scout; highly recommended. I moved it to my VPI Aries 3/DV 507 MKII when I 'traded-up' and it still did a fine job. I don't think that you can go wrong with the 20-xl...