Just bought a Pioneer pl 41

Been lurking on here for a few months with the idea of getting a table again and yesterday I came across a Pioneer pl 41 in a electronic repair shop window.........being that it was wednesday the store was closed... so after a bit of business i went in and picked it up.
It looks like from a quick google search the broadcasters used them? and for a price of a good pair of sneakers I own a turntable again.
Smart move !
For the money this thing rocks out!
I am so used to spending lots of money on my other hobby (cars) that to get something that surprises you in a good way feels great.

Guy at store said the he knew the old owner and he put a recent Audio technica cart on it and they went through it before the sale so I,m happy for now....

I can see a upgrade on the cart and possibly refinishing the wood a bit,seems like there are a few owners on here hopefully they chime in :)
As long as you already own sneakers, you did good.