Just bought a 55" plasma...

It will be installed tomorrow. To say I'm excited would be a grossly understating it. Hope there's no screw ups with the installation. Since it's being mounted on the wall God only knows where the studs are located!

TV in HD... here I come! :-)
Congratulations!! I'm sure you'll enjoy it for many years to come.
Welcome to the club. Lots of new enjoyment ahead.

ENJOY, and there are many stud finders on the market, so don't worry about mounting.
I saw an ad in a 'Vegas paper on Thursday.
The ad was for a factory rep demo of the new Toshiba HD-DVD player (pre-order at $499.00 -yipee).
These appear to be right around the corner.
If your new plasma doesn't do at least 1080i and have HDMI connection, I'd reconsider the purchase.
Not trying to rain on your parade Audiogon friend...

Those stud finders never work for me.... as soon as I pick them up they go off and don't shut up until I walk away!!!
Forget the studs being where you want them...

When I mounted mine, I bolted a 2.5' x 2.5' sheet of 3/4" plywood to the wall painted wall white. I pre-measured and sunk T-nuts into the plywood for the plasma bracket... With the plasma on the wall, the plywood in unnoticeable, and the screen in centered on my wall...
I'm sure your installers know what they are doing. I presume you will have a HD source hooked up to this tv?On finding studs-- Each toggle/or recptical box is mounted to a stud. This could be one side of that box,or the other. Just about all studs are 16 in. apart. Once you get close, a tiny drill bit-I do mean tiny- will get you right on the money. Once you 'hit' the stud,drill holes on each side of 'that' hole. This is to find where the stud begins, and ends--so as to get the middle of the stud,and not the edge.The world of HD is exciting;enjoy your new toy!!
Dweller, my Hitachi does 1080i and HDMI. It was installed today and looks great.
There is a detailed stud finding post on avsforum right now in the plasma section in a thread entitled " Oops pissed off the plasma installer" or something similar. It has had posts through to today FYI.
Great news Dawg!
One thing that is getting annoying is toggling between aspect ratios. When I'm on a non-HD channel I stretch the picture to fill the screen, but when I swith over to an HD station it displays it at Zoom 1 I believe. I want it to automatically convert to Normal 1080 on HD channels.

Any suggestions?

PS - I watched a program called "Equator" on Discovery HD. All I can say is OMG!!! It was like watching IMAX in my house!!!
Yes. HD is very nice, hard to watch anything else once you get used to it. Thankfully, there is more and more HD content coming online all the time. Congrats on your purchase.
if his plasma didn't do 1080i and hdmi, it would be a pretty rare plasma, that is standard features on the modern plasma my friend.