Just bought 2 pairs of ML no. 33 for my Pipedreams

I'm waiting for the delivery of Mark Levinson No. 33s . These will be replacing the existing Sim W10 4-monoblocks.
Would appreciate any comments especially the owners of Pipedreams speaker.
Why would you need comments as you already bought them ?

I like how you roll! I'm surprised you found two pairs for sale! Hope you have some serious help moving those beasts around! Good luck and enjoy, those are amazing amps!
Hi, Kennyt
Thank you so much for your kind words.
I was very excited about this because it was my biggest audio investment ever.
I know the 33s are very special, just how special in my system I will have to wait until they arrive.
My system consists of:
Dcs Verdi/Purcell/Elgar?Apogee BB
Boulder 1010 pre
Sim audio W10s
Pipedreams 18.
Need for acceptance/reassurance; he's human like the rest of us.
Room size?Is the only change the amps?Why the change?I ask as one day I hope to be fat again.Cheers,Bob
I run 33's on the woofers of my Pipedreams, and 33H on the mid/tweeter towers. The 33's were not a good match for the mids/tweeters, it all fell into place with the 33H.

Pipes like tubes too. I have a McIntosh MC2000 which also does a nice job on the mids/tweeters.

anyway, congratulations on your acquisition of 2 pair of 33's, they are great amps.......however for me the 33H would be a better choice for the high side.


Hi guys,
Thank you for your comments.
Kenny, it's not everyday you can see two pairs of Ml33 being sold by the same owner. I wouldn't have made decision if it's just one pair. I learned from my existing amps that using the exact same amplifier for all channels yield the best result. As Bar81 said, I need all the reassurances I can get for this was my biggest investment ever.
Bob, my room size is 6mx9m with 3m height.
Paul, you are the one I hope to get comments from the most. I am a little surprised when you said the 33h are better than the 33 for the mid-hi. In what way the 33h will be better? From my understanding, the 33 should be superior in every way, shouldn't they?
Looking forward to your kind answer, Paul.
Hello Suchart:

It seemed to me like the 33's overpowered the mid/tweeters. When I placed the 33H, everything fell into place. Lively, PRAT was right on and not bright. With the 33's on the mid/tweeters, it was a bit dark sounding and closed-in......however.....the 33's do a wonderful job controlling the 18" woofers. Bass is tight and most tuneful, you can easily recognise whatever instrument is playing bass notes.

Funny how this works out. The Pipedreams replaced Aerial 20t's here, and the 20t/Levinson 33 was a match made in heaven.

I've had the Pipedreams quite a while now, and have no desire whatsoever to change them out.


Paul :-)
Hi Paul,
Thank you very much for your comments.
I hope my Pipedreams would be THE speakers to hang on for life. However, I need the statement amps that are powerful yet beautiful, dynamic yet subtle, no weaknesses top to bottom, and timeless. Most importantly, I need to have 2 identical pairs for best coherency.
The Moon W10s were good but sometimes they don't seem to have enough drive. I suspect that due to their bridging topology, they don't have enough current for the speakers.
I plan to do some experiment with the W10s while waiting for the 33s. My technician informed me that the W10s were bridged from the W5s in SERIES which produce great VOLTAGE but not CURRENT. The other alternative is to bridge them in PARALLEL which will enhance the current capability considerably.
As for the 33 vs 33h for the mid-hi towers, I guess I will have to try to set them up and see how it goes. Paul, may I ask you a question? When you used the 33s on the mid-hi, did you use the similar amps on the subs?
The reason I asked because if you used different amps on the sub, it would have had an impact on the mid-hi too. This is from my experience and you may or may not agree with me.
By the way, in case you are correct and the 33h are really better..., I will not be hesitate to follow your footstep later on :)
Hi, so how do the 4 x 33 sound... bit over kill..love it!
I too have the pipes the big 21s I have powered them with my beloved pass x600 monos. I have had the pipes for nine months or so. At times I get frustrated with them: my room is a bit live and I'm taming it a little at a time. Who would have thought that some 18inch drivers would mate with suck small ones so remarkably. I have my subs driven by a pair of bryston monos. I'm running the pipes full range and they drop off at 75hz in my room. I have the bass xo at 75hs and 2nd order. It's blended quite well.
Please send me some advice in getting the room to accept this speaker. I would love your input.
Sounds like a good combo,I have a set of pipedreams with newer driver which has a sensitivity of 102 and my amp are the audio reasearch 600,they are great and all I play are cd's through my Accuphase dp-700,with nordost cableing
Rehan, Why not call Rives or some other acoustic desinger? I am sure they could help.