just auditioned tannoy yorkminster

heard them at a dealer with moscode amp, conrad johnson pv-12 preamp, bat cd player, and unidentified vinyl gear.

the yorkminster with super tweeters were very revealing, transparent, truly full range, had great retrieval of details, but somehow not as engaging/musical as my setup. female and male voices were clear and smooth. full orchestras and small jazz ensembles sounded very natural and lively. but of the 2 piano recordings we've heard (including one of mine), none connected with me. my piano cd sounded choppy, incoherent, and harsh through the yorkminster, but never through my system.

1. i am too used to my system's warm and golden sound
2. my room is much larger
3. my cds were not well recorded and my system is too forgiving
4. the yorkminster is not fully broken in yet
5. the dealer's electronics were not on par

i am still a tannoy fan. i was also a bit surprised how reasonably priced the legendary westminster royal ($24k) is comparing to the yorkminster ($14k) and the likes of b&w original nautilus ($40k), jm lab grand utopia be ($70k?), acapella (rocket lift off)...

sorry for the rather inconclusive, unscientific, baseless report : )
>>sorry for the rather inconclusive, unscientific, baseless report<<

you give yourself way too much credit.
Piano and bowed violin and viola are the toughest instruments for a redbook CD player to get right. Sometimes these instruments will sound harsh, grainy, or brittle.

Your Wadia may have a DAC that gives better performance than the BAT for these instruments. It could also be that the dealer's speakers or other equipment in the chain is not fully broken in.

Go back in a few weeks, and give another listen.
i'd like to say that i'm just plain disheartened to read opportunistic and mean-spirited replies such as the one above. they diminish us all.