Just an update

Hi everyone, Its been awhile since I posted. I'm more of a reader type. Anyways wanted to update everyone on my expanding system.

The Tannoys and B&E's continue to produce incredible sounds that I am very pleased with. Together with the Rotel the whole system sounds great to my novice ears.

I've caught the bug. But on a much lower budget. My wife wanted music in the kitchen so I picked up a wireless speaker system and added the 2 Sansui's that I had. The lattice work on the grills looks really cool in the kitchen. Unfortunately, compared to the speakers in the living room the Sansui's sound tinny so we decided to try to replace them.

At the local flea market I picked up a pair of ADC 303AX speakers that needed a new home. I had to clean up the wood on them from years of things being stacked on them. They cleaned up very well and have a nice golden finish to them. As for sound we've tested them out in the garage with all the junk and they sounded really good. There is a set of BA's that I setup in the garage (another cheap purchase) and the ADC's had a deeper and fuller bass response than the BA's.

Than at the same market a week later I picked up a pair of Rectilinear monsters. They have 6 speakers inside. Not totally sure of the model number but it looks like the name plate on the grill has III on it so I'm guessing they are Rectilinear 3's? We hooked these up in the garage and my daughter thought they were so awesome she immediately laid claim to them for her room. We let them play a little while with George Thorogood while we did yard work. Sounded great outside with the sound reverbing off the house across the street.

My neighbor moved out and gave me a music streamer that plays mp3 and wav files from the computer through the home system by using the network. Its kind of fun to be able to play those mp3's but you hear the difference in quality.

The Onkyo amp chugs along nicely although it still has issues now and than of cutting out and just making gargling sounds. I keep looking for a replacement for it but in the mean time I turn it off let it sit for awhile than its ok again.

Well again to those who helped me out getting my system moved to a higher level I still owe you a big Thank you. You made a big change in my "stuck at home" attitude.

Take care, Dave
thx for the update. Those Rectilinear 3s were considered SOTA in about 1970; 5 way with 6 drivers. Often found paired with the great Marantz receivers of that day.
I remember those Rectilinears being the feature speaker in one of the local San Luis Obispo (Ca) hifi shops when I was in college in the early 70's. They had a big sound.

Regarding your Sansui's, have you searched the archives either here or at Asylum? I recall a thread on restoring those speakers. I recall one guy said he replaced some capacitors on the x-overs and got big improvement. I have the SP-3500s. also with the lattice grills. I gutted mine and replaced the baffle board, drivers and crossover - turning them into a simple 2-way speaker (originally they were a 4-way 5 driver design) . They're quite nice, and didn't cost that much as I bought the drivers on ebay (took a great deal of scrounging). It's not a bad DIY project too. Those cabinets are great.

Anyway, it's good to hear your update Dave. enjoy . . .
My first splurg into the Hi Fi world..Rectlinear 3 speakers with a Sansui 5000x receiver..Benjimen Miracord 50H turntable...I can still hear it!!!!!!!!! Thanks for the memories....
Thanks for the responses. BTW, its not B&E's they are B&W's.

The Rectilinears are definitely full sound and do sound great. I'm tempted to hook them up with the Tannoy's and B&W's to see how they compare. I might need to fight my daughter over them.

The Sansui's are the little 50's 2 way with 8" woofer. The wireless amp is only 15 Watts measured by todays standards. Maybe they are just not getting enough push. I might try the ADC's up there but they are really heavy and could be awkward to move even though they are the same size as the Sansui's.

I'm looking at an old Kenwood receiver with analog dial. Not sure of its model number but appears to be possibly late 70's early 80's in age. If I hit up the market this weekend I'll let you all know. Thanks