Just an old fans memory lane. Chicago bands from the sixties...

We had a couple of places in Eastern Iowa that often had bands from Chicago.  If any remember, The New Colony Six, Buckinghams, Cryin Shames, American Breed...and there were others I am likely forgetting.  Even though I was from Iowa City, Chicago had very big influence on my early music history....including and especially WLS......."the big 89".

Cryan Shames

Saturday’s Children, HP Lovecraft, Bangor Flying Circus
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Paul Butterfield Blues Band
I was lucky enough to see them live do G.L.O.R.I.A.    The little venue was in Swisher, Iowa...I believe it was called "DanceMor Ballroom"  I did see Chicago both before and after Peter starting singing lead. 
But of course, does anybody really know what time it is, and that is assuming you can find someone that really cares. 

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