Just an anonymous "Thanks"

I am newly registered to these forums, having done so because, in the midst of plans to move to a new (smaller) space, I have had to re-enter the audio market for the first time in 20 years.

In moving from a dedicated music room to sharing the living room, I had to compromise from the past (Maplenoll Ariadne Signature, Carver Amazings, etc) to the present (NOLA Boxers, etc.).

The turntable part was hard, but these forums and the quality of the discussions greatly helped the decision, even though it landed on a 'table not under discussion here, the Thorens TD-2010. I will admit that looks played a huge part in the decision, that (again, thanks to this space) vacillated between Clearaudio's Concept/VPI Scout, before homing in on the Pro-ject PerxpeX and finally the Thorens.

The ultimate goal will be to change as little of the amplification as possible (PS Audio 250 Deltas, First Sound Reference Passive), because yonder lies madness.

But it's nice to know that if further decisions need to happen, there's a space where there is respect and courtesy. It helps focus decision-making. So thanks again.
You are welcome, in advance! Seriously, your post suggests to me that you are well on your way. There are many well meaning (me, as one) and well knowledgeable (not me) members here to help. One question gets twenty different answers, here. Good luck.. then really, good luck:)
If you still have the Maplenoll, I'll give you a couple hundreds buck for it and try to make it useful somehow. These forums are indeed great..
I had not anticipated my point being proven quite THAT quickly. Thanks, Micky!
Ha! The Ariadne sold the same say I put it on Craigslist. I'm going to miss that behemoth. Such a great-sounding, stable, tweak-free platform. This whole going small is weird, but worth it. Now to find one of those Hans Olsen nesting dining sets for a sane price.

Perhaps my 'point' was somewhat lost. A crying shame for a truly reference quality analogue source to go that way. I hate to think what you may have sold it for on Craigslist. I'm sure if you had asked here in the forums about disposal of it, you would have had at least a few not cought up in the current idler fad all over it....

If I could easily distribute the real value of it ($3-5K or more in the right space I guess if it was mint), I may have been one...?
Mickeyf, I got fair value for it, that price being defined as what I paid for it 20+ years ago. I couldn't see asking any more, really. It went to a good home, and will be missed.