Just added a JL Audio D-110 to my system.

I was looking for my B-Day present last week and ended up getting The D-110 sub. I live in an apartment so I was looking for a small musical sub that would add some bottom end to my Aerial 5T's. My dealer just started carrying JL and he lent me the D-110 to use at home. Well I hooked it up to my Luxman preamp and was hooked. Excellent tight tuneful bass w/out any bloat. Lower octaves of piano and standing bass are clean and clear no muddy sound. The 5T's sound like full range speakers. Perfect sub IMHO for apartment dwellers or people w/small room. Got a bit of a Birthday discount too. The dealer sold me the Gloss sub for a little less than the Ash model.

Something to keep in the back of your mind as you move around and upgrade over the years, whatever you do, keep that sub. Never, ever sell that sub. You can buy better, and more. But only add, never trade. Normally I would say you can thank me later. But by then you will have long since forgotten about me. Which is fine. Long as you don't forget what I said.
I have owned that sub and it is a great match with smaller standmount speakers. Good move!

Congratulations! Almost every system sounds better with a sub, if the sub is well integrated, and it seems yours is.

I think highly of both JL subs and Aerial speakers, for that matter. I nearly bought a pair of 7Ts (but they are too big for the room) and have a pair of f112 subs, about 13 years old now.

Birthday discount!  I'll have to ask for that next time I'm shopping.
Recently my 27 year old Velodyne died. It really wasn't very good for music so it was used for the Godzilla stomps in movies. This sub is totally different a great musical sub and does more than enough for me with movies. Also glad I got the gloss finish. Plus was very easy to setup. I've heard a lot of subs and the JL subs are worth a few extra dollars w/their all around performance. This sub has a permanent home.