Just a thought

Over the past couple of years of reading threads here and learning more than one could in a lifetime by trial and error, (mostly error I suspect) I noticed Eva Cassidy, "Live at Blues Alley" is often referenced when one inquires about great female recordings. So today I go out and buy this CD, it about brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful voice. So I lookup her website to see what other music she has available and I find out she died. Why didn't someone tell me? Goddamn cancer! Now I do have tears in my eyes. Are all her recordings this good?
Eva had an amazing voice. I think most will agree Blues Alley is her swansong but I also like Imagine. Songbird is great too but is a greatest hits collection and you would duplicate a few songs you already have, probably still worth buying.
It's sad indeed. Eva's voice was superbly clear and clean with an amazing quality of understated projection. She remains a regular part of our lives through her music. I'm glad she was able to leave such a wonderful legacy for us.
BNC, Sad indeed! I can tear up just thinking about her music and its very hard for me to listen to - I relate so many of her songs to her early passing. Welcome to the club.
if that brought a tear to your eye- you gotta hear her version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Has to be the best version of this song ever. could bring a tear to your eye or a big smile to your face depending on your mood i guess.

sorry but i can't remember what album it's on.
"Over the Rainbow" is on the Songbird album. Fine collection of songs!