Just a share

Something I found on line and found myself looking at for hours.  I love the era and the sound and especially the prices.  Even with inflation it kills today's prices. 







Nice. Lots of memories there and apparently free. I wonder how much an audiophile would pay for it If it were bound as a nice coffee table book? Thanks for posting this, Now  bookmarked for future reference

fun, thanks, I'm sending the links to friends who will enjoy them like I do.

I realized, it's too new to have my stuff from 1958 in it.

Reminded me of my days in the 50s pestering shops in West LA to listen to their EV Patrician and Bozak Concert Grand, and later JBL Hartsfield.  I made cabinets that I stuffed with a Jenson from my Fender guitar amp then later an Altec 604.  First real speaker I bought was an AR3a.