Just a note of thanks

to this wonderful community of nuts.

One day, I will bore you all with a long disertation as to what you guys (collectively and many times individually) mean to us.

Right now, we're enjoying an incredibly breeze off Biscanye Bay, with the warmed up tubes playing some truly sublime Cuban "sons."

Just wanted to share with all you guys, and to thank you.

Go ahead, make fun of emotional Cuban Piglet! (Wife's from Ohio, btw, and she loves "el son")

You aren't boring me! I moved to DC from Miami Beach about two years ago, and your post reminds of the parts of living there that I miss most -- Cuban music (and food and women) and Biscayne Bay. I am not Cuban, but I miss living in a city with so much Cuban "sabor." Oh well, guess I'll have to cue up "Descargas de Bebo" and dream!


It's pretty cool to say that. I've both agreed & disagreed with you here & over at AA & sometimes emotions play a large part of the story.

Last time I was in Miami I had some Cuban coffee & drove for 800 miles without stopping. Not really (only 700), but it gives you some zip. Sometimes I can get into some esoteric coffee. (sort of parallels audio)