Just a kind word of thanks

Back in early June I posted a response to a reader requesting feedback impressions of a particular table / arm combination that I just happened to own. While responding to this post I mentioned that I was running my Benz Glider cart. at 47K Ohms. Another Audiogon member "Zaikesman" replied that this setting was not correct for this particular cart. We then went off line and over to direct e-mail for some detailed discussions. After several pages of pleasent detailed education I started to experiment with my C-J EF1 phono stage. I finally became satisifed with 500 ohms at 52dB of gain. The wonderful thing about this experience was that a fellow Audiogon member took the time and energy to help educate another member in incredible detail. This is the reason why I love this site, and continue to buy / sell from this site. Good people with a love for high end equipment and music, willing to share knowledge and experience in a unselfish fashion!
It’s nice to see credit given to a fellow Audiogoner. My motto; Pay it forward!
Quincy, this site has and is an education for me also. I too have found a fellow member who I contacted thru email and he has been VERY helpful in helping me learn about HiFi audio. There have been several times I would have jumped in and bought something, that after running it by him, he has helped guide me into better audio decisions. I will not mention his name, but he knows who he is.

Zaikesman is a class act and a valuable member to this group. There are a few other from whom I have learned some great lessons. I think the people here genuinely want to help eachother. How many other places can we go and find the same spirit???
Quincy: I have seen many of Zaikesman's responses and although I do not agree all the time with him (mostly I do), I would have to agree that he is very knowledgable and deserves kudos!

I would also have to agree with Lak, that your acknowledgement publically is admirable and refreshing!
Zaikes is the man!
You've just touched upon what I've been thinking for some time, but never expressed it. I have not had any personal contact with anyone help wise, but I have learned so much from everyone on this site. I can't wait to get home everyday and read (learn) something new. One problem I do have however, is those of you who respond to questions by saying "this question has been asked too many times, look in the archives." What you must realize, is that some of us are either new, or are too stupid to have even thought of that question in the first place, so when someone asks a question, others of us are thinking, yea, I've been wondering that too. If no one else brings it up, we may have not really even realized we were wondering about it, so would never have thought to look in the archives for answers. For those of you that do not wish to re answer the same old questions,over and over again (understandable enough), if you could at least give us a direct clue to where to look for specific threads in the archives it would be helpful. Not just amp,cables,speakers, etc. I have tried to look for threads for questions I have, but sometimes I just don't know how to or what to ask, so I'm at your mercy.
Anyway, keep up the great work to everyone who uses this site, you are truly what keeps this sport alive.
I have the same experiences with fellow Audiogoners particularly in the analog realm. There's a lot of down to earth, knowledgeable, and very professional people here.
Often, I thank them through their personal e-mail because I want it as personal and as sincere as I can.

Zaikes...is definitely part of this bunch!
Over the last 9 months or so, I have learned an abundance of audio information (and also some tricks that I have used with respect to the WAF - "Really sweetheart, it was an even trade for my old Paradigm's for the Merlin VSM" :)

Fantastic, highly professional and courteous site.

Best regards to all,
I gotta chime in on the Zaikesman love-fest. He actually took the time to call me and help setup my then Technics 1200. I had no clue how to do ANY of the setup, and he was a great teacher: knowledgable and never condescending.

TWL is another one, I wish he'd accept my offer to send him some vinyl as thanks. He spent an obviously substantial amount of time writing very detailed and thorough emails when I was looking for a new TT, and then helped me setup my Teres. It was an intimidating project, as I had spent thousands (!!) of dollars, and didn't want to screw any of it up, and he was there every step of the way (literally... it was like I couldn't do one thing before checking with Tom to make sure I was doing it right! :)

I have some really amazing sound coming out of my speakers, and I owe a lot of it to Audiogon, and especially Zaikesman and TWL. I hope one day I can pass on the help. THANKS!!!

I also enjoy Alex's(Zaikesman) posts, and correspond with him from time-to-time via email too. He's a great guy with alot of good experience.

Steve, thanks for your nice comments about me too.
Zaikes and Twl are model citizens. If Audiogon were Plato's republic they'd be our philosopher-kings, seekers of truth who lead only because they have the knowledge to do so, not because they in any way crave leadership. (Let's hope they don't decide to move to California!)
I too have been assisted in similar ways. Ultimately, I owe a debt of gratitude not only to the 'Goners I've dealt with in the past but also, undoubtedly, to those I'll work with in the future.
Dougdeacon summed it up for me. Zaikes is knowledgable and informative through the threads. Twl is very giving of his time and expertise too. Great guys both. There are so many unsung heroes here.
This IS a great sanctuary, isn't it?

Over the years I've received great personal help from many forum members, some even in this thread!

I'm such a nuisance, always asking questions!
Tom aka TWL, you are welcome and deserve many more cudos than I am able to express. I am glad to see the helpful members on this site get their just recognition for service above and beyond.

I very seldom post here, but I can assure you, I have visited this site daily since I found it approx. 6 months ago. I still know very little about analog HiFi, but I will keep coming back and learning. Hopefully someday I will be able to give back some of what has been so graciously given to me.

Great thread Quincy! Thank you!
Gosh, I'm glad I spotted this thread before it dropped off the radar! Quincy, you're most welcome, and I'm glad I could be of any assistance. Believe me, I've tapped many of those on Audiogon possessing much more knowledge than myself, and it just feels good to be able to ocassionally pass that spirit foward.

Steve, you sly dog, I didn't know Tom had gotten you into a Teres. I just got the KAB outboard power supply for my 1200, a big improvement. I'm emailing you - since we live close by, we need to have a throwdown sometime soon, so that *you* can teach *me* what a real TT sounds like!

Can't let this thread go any farther without a shout-out to Sean, who has knowledgeably advised so many here, both on- and off-line. And just to prove what a bunch of swells we are around this place, Rcprince is hooking up with me next week to hand-deliver some of his spare power tubes to me all the way from NYC, so's I can borrow them for a while to find out if I should be thinking of switching types - you da man, Russ! (Audiogon is the place!)
0.003 percent of Audiogoner may be snobbish (this much distortion is even acceptable in amps) but the rest 99.997 are not. That is what my experience is here anyway!

This by far is the purist audio community that I have had the previlidge to have been associated with.

Last but not least, I have learnt a lot.
Zaikes, I only wish I had a Teres. But for now, I am still using my Technics 1300. The only upgrade I have made is I bought a Goldring 1042 cart, which I am very happy with BTW. You say we live close, so am waiting for that email. Sorry I won't be able to give you a listen to a Teres, but you are welcome to listen to my Technics, as I have a collection of a few thousand Lp's. Surely I will have something you would enjoy listening too.

I have caviar dreams, but only an Oscar Meyer budget!
Wwwrecords, I guess you must be a Steve. So is "Dennis_the_menace" - check his post above. But I'll see you on those few thousand records, and raise you a couple of thou! :-)
Zaikes, Yep, I am a Steve also. I could see that couple of thou, but it would be a bunch of garbage, and I don't think you would want it, so I will politely fold. ;o)
Yeah, now that you bring it up, if I were to actually get rid of all of my 'bunch of garbage', I shudder to think how much more compact the ol' collection would be... ;^)