Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Cap Versus Jensen Cap 0.10uF 630Vdc Copper Foil Ceramic

Your advice and comments would be most helpful and appreciated.
I will need to change my current capacitors in my tube power amp as one of my current Jensen 0.1uF 630V Copper Foil, PIO, Aluminium is now a problem - caused a EL34 tube heater to glow red. I will need four new capacitors.

I am considering two possible replacements:

1. 0.1uF 600Vdc Jupiter Copper Foil, Paper & Wax Capacitor   
2. Jensen Capacitor 0.1uF 630Vdc Copper Foil Ceramic Case 

Any comments on how these compare in their sound characteristics?
I would like a cap that offers balance across all frequencies, control, richness, enticing tone, and transparency. Also ease of flow of the music.    
Thanks so much, Bob 


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I would love to hear comparisons with the Audyn TC. A relative bargain!
I think you shiuld absolutely try the Mundorfs, because you will fall in love or grow tired of them quickly. 😀
@bigkidz - No thank you.

In order to do any sort of comparison I need about 14uf/speaker, so that would be really expensive. :)

I'm holding off until I make a fortune.