Jupiter - Audyn - Mundorf

Of these capacitors what is the best for the low range?
I have to connect it to pre output to drive the low section (Bi-amping).

Wait, what???

If you are bi-amping, you put a cap in series with the high end and often leave the low end alone.

But Mundorf is a cap you should try, it is unique and scintillating and colorful and a very personal thing.

Otherwise the Audyn TruCopper does very well as does Jupiter. Most readings I've seen have preferred Jupiter.  However!! If we're talking very very low values and you can afford them, the Duelund Silver films are a very good choice.
Yes, I to connect the bottom part. So, I have to find the condenser that best reproduces the exclusively the low frequencies.I read that Jupiter is slow and not very dynamic on the low section.

Tha’ts not how caps work!!

In series they are high pass filters. If you get a 10uF cap in series, it will usually pass everything, bass to treble, but block DC.

Kind of useless in the low end.

What you want I think is a small cap which removes the bass from the top.

In series a coil (inductor) is a low pass filter but it’s not usually done.

Since most of the voltage swing is in the bass, you gain a lot more by using a high pass filter to remove signal below 80-120Hz.

Using a low pass filter on an amp will gain you a lot less.