Jungson or other chinese CD players?

I'm very tempted to buy this nice Jungson Impression CD player.
Anyone auditioned them and/or compared them to other cd players at or under that price category?
People rave about BADA, CEC and Esound cd players, i can't find much info on Jungson CD players, but maybe an undicoverd gem for most?
Is the Jungson fine built for a good sound or are there better designs under that price?
I found this rather somewhat negative post..
i bought a jungson from a dealer in the us. when the remote just stopped working, no one would replace it, and they charged me 35$ in shipping just to find out they could not produce a working remote for a player less than 5 yers old. there are better options.
How much are these units. Double check you can get them serviced.
Thanks for the info, a dealer i contacted mentioned from all the CD players he had the best performance from the MHZS CD players.
And i found good feedback on forums of this brand to.
Also someone found that his Raysonic CD player sounded better then his modded Jolida 100 and the CEC players were better thena Rega Apollo and even an Esound..
I will look a bit more closely into Raysonic and CEC to.
But many times i have been told that my Xindak DAC 8 would be hard to beat.
Many advise to just pick out a CD transport, as long as it's better then a cheap dvd player.
Since i propably will buy an Emotiva surround processor for my movie duty's i'm thinking that an Emotive ERC-1 CD player would sit on top of it nicely, it's not expensive also.
So propably i'm going for Emotiva ERC-1 cd player as a transport.
But i shall try and test it side by side with my Xindak DA8, you'll never know what comes out on top.