Jungson or Korsun/Dussun?


I'm new on this forum. I have registered because it seems that many of you have heard on Jungson and Dussun products.

I'm a little bit confused. For a past few days I have red allmost everything I could find about Jungson JA-88D and Dussun/Korsun V6/V8i.

What's making me confused is that many people is saying that korsun/dussun is tubelike soft and powerfull and many other saying that jungson is tubelike warm and so on.

How can so many people get so diffrent opinion about one product?

Some are saying that jungson have hard sound other that korsun have hard sound?

I have no possibilities to listen to korsun either dussun so please can you who have heard these amplifiers tell me how they sound.

I want to buy one of them.

Best regards, Boris
I wouldn't categorize the Dussun sound as "soft." I have the V8i, and it's commendably well balanced. If anything, its enormous power output gives it an energy and wallop that is anything but soft. But it is a smooth performer, which might lead some to categorize it as tubelike. I just prefer to think of it as very natural-sounding and highly involving.
Boris: You can audition the Dussun.-30 day money back
Thanks for your answers!

I live in Sweden and there is no Dussun resellers around here so I can't listen to one or get 30-day money back garanti. :(

I often listen to acoustic. Jackson Browne, Nils Lofgren and so on.

I have red many positive things about Jungson (JA-88D) and it looks astonishing.

I belive that both machines are really good and it's upp to mee to find what I prefer. It's hard when I can't listen to either of them.

Do they sound big? I want sound to fill the my room. Air and so on..

Which one is best for acoustic?

Best regards, Boris

I can't speak to the Jungson--I haven't heard it--but the Dussun V8i sounds VERY big: it actually sounds a lot more commanding than its 250W rating would lead you to believe. You really have to see this thing in person to truly appreciate it. It's an absolute monster, weighing in at close to 90 pounds! When was the last time you saw that in a $2,500 integrated? There aren't many speakers out there that the Dussun can't drive to lease-busting levels. And it'll do so with a control and presence that is truly impressive, price be damned. It pretty handily bested my $6,000 Rowland Concerto integrated. IMO, it's one of the best deals in all of high end. It does need a couple hundred hours to really strut its stuff, though. Hope this helps.
I've heard the Jungson, and it was very impressive. It has all the qualities you're looking for, and the build quality is very high. I believe it operates purely in class A, and outputs 80W per side. I have not heard the Dussun.
I'm very thankfull for your help!

I can buy an Dussun V8 or Jungson JA88D.

Dussun V8
+poweramplifier can be used for it self
+quite nice looking
+neutral sound
-maybe to neutral?

Jungson JA-88D
+very nice looking
+warm sound
-no pre-out
-80W - is it sufficient ?

I'm not searching an aplifier with many watts. I'm searching for amplifier that can make my whisky drinking time even better :)
I want to lay back and enjoy Jackson Browne, Johny Cash
Acoustic music

Need an amplifier that can paint upp a goos soundpicture. Sound atmosphere. I want to hear music all around me.

For now it seems that Jungson is the best candidate.

Do you know if JA1/JA99C pre and poweramp combo better that the intergrated JA-88D?

Best regards, Boris
Do you know if JA1/JA99C pre and poweramp combo is better than the intergrated JA-88D?

Sometimes I listen to tecno and such. Want Jungson JA-88D perform well?

Deep bas and so?
I have the JA-1/99C luxury edition Jungson and it does sound very good, the pre-amp has a slight bit of harshness, that a Plinius M16 ($4500NZ$)didn't have. The Plinius also had more air around the instruments, but it did sound a bit lean in comparison. In my own system I have just placed my components on marble slabs and there is an immense improvement soundwise. I suggest the poweramp does like quite a bit of air around it and a very stable platform to sound it's best. I have heard powercable upgrades are also recommended, but I haven't experimented with these as yet.
I'm thankfull for all answers.

I still can't decide between Jungson and Dussun.
I front of me I have two issues of BFS from USA. Review of both Jungson JA-88D and Dussun V8.

Review of Dussun V8:
While the Dussun v6 is a match for Jungson 88D, the 8i surpasses the Jungsson in every way..

I'm not out for amount of power. I just want my room to be filled with music. I want to almost see the music if you understand what I mean.

What would you choose and why?

Best regards, Boris
Hello Boris, I'm having trouble differentiating between the JungSon 88D and the Dussun V6i also. Please keep this thread updated if you do decide to buy something. At this moment I'd like any input you can offer.

The question I keep asking myself is this: The Dussun V6i has 150 watts Class A power, dual mono design with separate toroidal transformers and in my opinion better styling. So why is it cheaper than the JungSon???

kris.spindler@gmail.com if you want to talk.
Dussun has more watts, pre-out and I can use the power amplifier when watching a movie with weaker home cinema receiver + the unit is well built and that's what everybody is saying. But not many are saying how it sound.
Those who do it say that it sound a little bit hard and metallic. A little bit to neutral. What's confusing me is that resellers says that it sound tube like.....

Jungson has fewer watt no pre-out but I think it looks nicer :) + many are saying that Jungson sound warm organic and sweet so you can listen to it for many hours.

Sound is most important and watts are not so important to me. 80W is probably enough.

Some people has change out their PRIMARE stuff for Jungson.

For now Jungson is my favorite but I'm still not sure. Dussun has so much more but maybe to hard sound. My primary goal is to enjoy the music and to play loud.....

I have two issues of BFS here. In one the reviewer says that jungson is really god and probably better choice than Dussun V8 but in the latest issue the reviewer are writing that V6 is equal to Jungson Ja-88D and V8 is better that Jungson in all aspects...

Who to listen to? Who to trust when everybody is saying different stuff... :)
Hate it. It would be mush easier If I could listen to one of them...

Best regards, Boris
Well, I've taken a gamble and just ordered a Dussun V6-i for myself from a Hong Kong dealer. Will let you know how it turns out.
All I can say after using the Jungson for 3 months now that it is an amazing amp for thr money. I had a Pathos Logos before and sold it to use the Jungson. I always find it difficult to describe sound in words but "hear through clarity" is something that is really the thing with this amp. This does not mean analytical or harsh. The midband is cristal clear, voices are very natural and with your taste of music it is a safe choice.
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I have had the Jungson 88D last year for about 5 months before moving on to a tube amp. For a solid state, it was the smoothest sound I have heard, but it lacked the extra bloom and inner detail of better tube amps. Its treble was silken. Imaging and soundstage was good for SS, but better tube amps will beat it. Some have described the Jungson as being "slow" in the bass. To a certain extent, I have to agree. With my Hyperion 938s, the bass was a little muddled and didn't have the extension expected from a SS, but this may be an issue to amp/speaker mismatch. In fact, my new tube amp has much greater slam, extension, and articulation than the SS Jungson. The Jungson is not the ultimate in transparency. But if you like relaxed, smooth sound, this may be the amp. I wouldn't pair it with a warm sounding speaker that tends to sound fat in the bass. If you have bright speakers, it would be a good match.