Jungson JA88D vs Rogue Audio Cronus

I have an opportunity to purchase either of the following integrated amps, a Jungson JA88D Solid State with 80 watts of pure class A power or a Rogue Audio Cronus tube integrated with 55 watts. Both have excellent reviews on the net. I do not have the opportunity to compare these side by side. I will be running the amp through a pair of Totem Sttaf speakers which are not inefficient but do require some head room to get them bouncing. I also have a Jolida 100D tube output cd player. I would appreciate any comments regarding the following: Comparison of the two amps in regard to sonic characteristics and quality, ability of the Cronus to drive the Totem speakers, and the longshot question of which would be a better match for the Totem Sttafs.

I have a Jungson JA-88d as well as several other amp/ preamps. I have compared it to $5000 tube amp/preamp combo and the differences are very subtle at best. At it's current market price, I find it to be one of the steals of the century. Doesn't really sound tube or solid state but a combination of both. Very powerful sounding for it's rated output. Throws a very large and layered soundstage. Also built like a tank. Only issue is if something goes wrong how to get it fixed. Shipping is also close to 90Lbs, and large amps are easily damaged in transit. As far as Rogue goes, I can only comment that they are also tanklike in build and appearance.
Thanks for the quick reply. This is also what I've been reading in the reviews. The one that is available to me is selling for $800.00 in mint condition and built in 2006. The Cronus is almost double that price in the same condition.
The only criticism I've read about the Jungson is that it does have a somewhat lean sound and lacks a little on the bottom end. Do you find that this is the case? Other then the terrific detail that the Totems provide, I do love the extension of the bottom end they have.
Let me know what you think?

The Jungson does not have a lean sound. If anything it has a very full harmonic sound especially in the midrange. As is the case with any revealing system, the sound can be tuned by different interconnects, speaker cables and power cords. Bass is certainly adequate and I would say better than most tube amps at the used price point. Some transistor amps have a slam in the bass but this is not a big deal. Personally, I think totems do better with solid state. If you are a bass freak, just add a subwoofer.
Thanks for the advice.
It does sound like the Jungson would be a good match for what I have. I imagine the combination with the tube output of the Jolida CD player would bring a good synergy to the system.
I appreciate your comments.