Jungson JA88D anyone?

Anybody own or have auditioned this amp? Any reliability issues? I'm considering a integrated amp with balanced inputs. How do you think it compares with the Krell Kav400xi?
If you do a search over at AA, you will find some threads about the 88D. From reading those and emailing a few of the posters, I was convinced to try one. It should be arriving sometime next week.

Spec wise the biggest discrepancies appear to be that the Krell more than doubles the Jungsons w/ch, but the Jungson more than triples the Krells filter capacitance. But then again those are just specs...

Have you read the Bound For Sound review that is posted on Jungson's site?

Sorry, I can't help more, but I have only heard the Krell unit for a minutes and haven't even heard the Jungson yet :).
Q007jb, please post when you have had a chance to listen. I too have been interested in this amp but have held off due to scarcity of data (reviews).
The BFS review is nice, but nowhere near enough info I thought.
Thanks Q007jb for the post. I have read the BFS review which was good, but like Kck says, there was not enough info. People compare this amp to those costing $4-5k. Well which $4-5 amp was compared? I would just like a comparison to more well known brans like the Krells, ML, DK Designs, etc.
Wait a few months there should be another review out on the 88D and the JA1/JA99 pre/power amp which is the same as 88D but in seperates.

I've had mine for going on 12 months now and posted my thoughts many times here and at AA. You can do a word search if your interested.

On the question of amps that it has been compared to.

Some of the amps that I am aware of that Jungson has replaced in other audio enthusiast systems include Odyssey Stratos, Coda Class A, Sim Audio W5, Plinius SA-102.

One owner I am aware went thru Bryston, Classe and Primare amps. He finally settled on the 88C which is the $400 little brother to the 88D. I also received a email from a enthusiast within the past week who replace a Bryston 2B LP amp/Forte preamp with the 88C. He is delighted with the 88C.

I agree the BFS review was a disappointment. Way too little info, way to much waxing philosophical. Bottom line he was a tube lover and didn't care much for SS but really liked the 88D.

Also notice at the end of the review while not doing any direct comparisons, he felt on the basis of performance, build and features its peers would be the Rowland Concerto ($5800) and Gryphon Callisto ($7000). Again I wish he would have gone into direct comparisons.

If the reviewer of the 88D and Ja1/Ja99c does as he has in his past reviews there should be a great deal more info on which to base a purchase decision.

Feel free to email if you have any questions.

BW Maxx
For what its worth, I use Jungson JA-100 Monoblocks and also use the JA-99c in a HT setup. I have had Classe Cam-350, Bryston 7b ST, Gamu-T 250 to name a few and the Jungson amps to my ears are the best. Bass is deep and tight with super smooth Mids. Built like a brick s--t house.
Thanks for all the post guys.

Maxxc, do you know when and where the new review will be comming out? Faziod, I really want the JA-50 but the cost is little too high for me because I would also need a preamp. You're a lucky guy.

Does anyone know about the quality of the volume pot/control in the 88D? I have always found that the limiting factor in integrated is the volume control. Manufacturers tend to use cheap pots. For example, people regard the Alps volume pots to be good quality, but the type that's used in most integrated are the cheaper $15-20 pots from Alps. These pots tend to sound closed-in in the lower settings (up to 9-10 o'clock) where I do 99% of my listening. It isn't until at least 12 o'clock for the sound to get more transparent. I just wonder how much of an improvement is to be had going to the Jungson monoblocks and getting a separate preamp. Any thoughts?
Review is slated for Enjoy the Music. Wayne Donnelly has already finished the reviews. Not sure when it will be out. Originally anticipated to be out in April or May. Probably more like mid summer.

I haven't heard the Monoblocks. One Audio enthusiast went from either the 88D or JA1/JA99 to the Monoblocks JA50? JA100? and JA2 preamp. He seemed to feel it was a worthwhile upgrade and though it sounded more "organic". Thats the only feedback he posted.

Jungson uses Stepped attenuators 0-99 setting. The 88C ($400) lists "American Jeff Rowlands digital volume control technology" as one of the features, what ever that means.

I'm sure they are very good quality. Looking in the amp, although not a expert by any means, I don't see anywhere that they cheaped out. They are considered by many to be the top SS manufacturer in China. Jungson is also known as "the Chinese Krell". Based on build quality and their stature rather then sounding like Krell.

Speaking of not being able to afford the JA50's. One option might be to get the JA2 preamp paired along with the JA99C. This would basically be the 88D but with a much higher end preamp.

If your serious contact Andy at Sekei. His price and service can't be beat.

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My friends compared Korsun v8i and Jungson D88 (Thiel 2.2 speakers). They came to the conclusion, that the Korsun is quick, detailed soundprint with bass slam, and Jungson is like a tube amplifier: organic sound, wondeful midrange, bit slower and less bass slam. Maybe this helps also.
the Krell gear, to me all sounds hashy and hard in the high end, ok throughout the mid, and with tremendous bass slam. I owned the KAV300i for a period, and it melted down, enough so that the factory, to their credit replaced the unit. It was nothing like the Jungsen amp I have now. The Jungsen is one of two integrateds, I own, one is the (please don't throw knives, I am not a shill, a DK. While the DK is notably better, it costs a considerable amount more.) I think the overall sound of the Jungsen is sweet and musical, and stages nicely, and is well worth the price of admission.
Subjectivly one of the better values in audio. Plus it looks killer.IMHO it is much more musical than the Krell gear, and better looking...of course again subjectively.
Plus the inherent advantage of Class A design with no switching distortion, it is, given the price a no contest winner product.
It is not as fleshed out as the DK but a helluva product nontheless. The above post hits it dead square, when it talks about the organic sound. As far as speed, I think that speed, infers something not usually thought of in music, in terms of musicality, IMHO. Great sound for a low price.
A small cautionary note about the 88D. In the February 2005 issue of BFS, in which the 88D was listed as a "Component of Exceptional Merit," Marty stated that he had received complaints about damping material that turned viscous and smeared the inside of the unit. I also seem to recall reading posts to that effect not long ago, but could not locate them in either AA or AudiogoN.

The problem seems like a production flaw, not a design defect that affects the sound, so it should be relatively easy for the manufacturer to fix. Because this product is bought directly from the U.S. distributor, the purchaser should be able to get a straight answer about the situation before purchasing a new unit. If buying used, the seller should also be asked about the presence of this problem. Obviously from the favorable comments in this thread, not all units already in circulation have this problem.
Really great input.

(1) Korsun V8 and Jungson 88D are in the same price range and seem to be prime competitors. The V8 is a OEM for one of the Levinson amps that sells for around $7000. The feedback from your friend seems to parallel what others say about the 2 amps.

Korsun seems to be a high end integrated the follows the mold of classic SS. I think its rated like 250wpc. One thing that really impressed me about the Korsun was the use of dual 1000va transformers. The Jungson seems be more of a high end Hybrid amp, although it dosen't have any tubes. It is said to be sensitive to power cords and can be made to be super quick with the right cord.

(2)Exactly, Jungson may be known as the "Chinese Krell" but its sound from what others have reported is nothing like Krell. I hate to say negative things about a amp I haven't seen or heard myself. However there have been some posts on Audio Asylum by those who have looked in the KAV400 and haven't been real impressed by some of the parts.

(3) I remember reading something about a strange fluid found in one of the Jungson amps. I post on a private forum dedicated primarily to Jungson, but also includes other Chinese Audio. The "strange fluid" reports have been mentioned on the forum. But to my knowledge no one who posts there, has actually experienced this with their own amp.

Again you can contact Sekei if you have any questions about the fluid. They sell other brands. But Andy makes no bones about it he is basically a Jungson dealer.

BW Maxx
Well, I'm leaning towards the JA-50 over the 88Ds eventhough the monoblocks really are out of my budjet. I may have to go with a really good but cheap passive preamp for awhile. I'm looking into getting the Marantz SA-11 SACD player that has balanced outputs producing 5 volts! Should be plenty to drive a passive preamp and the high input impedence of the Jungsons. Anybody actually compared the 88D with the JA-50?
Drac why don't you email Fazoid. He has the JA-100 and I'm sure can probably tell you the differences between the JA-50 and JA-100. He also has the 99c. Which I am told is the same power amp section as the 88D.

Yep, if I had the bucks I would go with the JA-50 too.

BW Maxx
I just received a Jungson JA 88D this past Tuesday. I've owned several integrated amps, including Classe CAP-100, Jeff Rowland Concentra and Levinson, and have to say I am really impressed with the sound and build quality of this unit. Sonically it is probably the best blend of solid state and tubes that I have heard.
i got a used one for less than a 1000$us
it sounds good as compared to my simaudio/hca2 combo
especially in the midrange
not the best slam and not the best violin
but for the price it is a best buy
i am using a marantz cd player and the jmlab 926
there is a review in the british hi fi world: may 2006
the review is better than bfs
by the way it got 5 stars out of 5 stars
it says that it is a sugden a21a on steroids
i buy the issue by chance
The Jungson is an amazing amplifier at the price. It is big, heavy an really ugly...but ist sounds very musical. Most obvius is its clarity. The class A experience is something special. Yes you can buy better (I use the Jungson in a second set up, and compared to my McIntosh C42/MC352 the choice is obvious) but if you have 1.200 USD or so to spent it is a must audition.
Hope this helps
I just purchased Jungson JA88D from fellow Agoner for bedroom system. When I received it, unlike above posts I was amazed at how nice it looks with mirror chrome finish and lighted meters which exudes high quality look. So, out of curiosity I compared it with modded Bel Canto Reference 1000 digital amps and MBL 9007 amps. To my surprise, it held its own is sound quality department. IMO, it blew away Bel Canto Ref 1000 by large margin in mid and high frequency soundstage and lush, relaxed and effortless presentation. Very musical much like tube amps. Compared to MBL9007 it doesn't have the viceral dynamics and realism but hey at 1/20th the price what a smoking and sleeper of a deal. It it sounds this good and weights this much, by default I would think they are using very high quality components. If anyone has amplifier version, please PM me, I'll give you the best price for them.
I have the JA-99C/1C combination. I have compared the power amplifier against a Perreaux 250wts power amplifier, and the pre amp against a Plinius M-16 from memory. The Jungson did make the Perreaux sound like a toy in comparisson, the Perreaux sounded very harsh and unmusical, and was especially lacking in the mid range. The Plinius was again harsh and unmusical in comparisson in combination with the jungson power amplifier. The jungson sound is very nice in the mid range, the only reservation I have about the pre-amplifier is that it lacks in the upper range in extention and air. It sounds ever so slightly topped off in that area, alsmost like the pre-amp seeks to make the amp sound less trebble rich and fast. Overall I have preferred using the pre amp instead of direct from a denon s-10 cd player, it makes the music sound wider and more controlled, but slightly less direct plus a slight frequency cut off in the high registers. Which is in my opinion the only weakness the pre and power amplifier exhibit. If one was to use the power amplifier with a very good tube pre amplifier I think you should be very impressed. I have compared this to one tube pre amplifier about US$2000, and the Jungson pre amplifier sounded again far more rounded and musical, the particular tube pre did bring out more bass depth and extention. Overall I prefered the Jungson pre amplifier much more, the whole range was much more natural. From my limited audio experience I would think this combination would be in the US$5000-6000 price range in performance, possibly more. I have used silver or gold coated silver connections to bring the speed up, which the amplifier needs. My system has been denon S-10 cd player, Faroudja DV-1000 cd dvd player and Mordaunt Short Signifer speakers.
I live in China and this JA-88D has been offered to me for very little money. I am to use it with my ( dont kill me now ) home theather system which is Denon. I simple dont have enough power to drive my 15" front speakers and a local suggested these to me. can you recommend this amp as a power amp used with my current Denon? It will mainly be used for movies and club music.

or should I just get a NADC272 which actually will cost me more.

I have not heard the new NAD you mention, so to say, 'no, don't buy the NAD would be unfair. Yet...I don't think I would pay more for a product that I would guess to be not quite as sonically pleasant.
Having said that, I have always loved NAD. Starting back in the stone age with the 3120, which was a killer little amplifier.
It's only that the Jungson is, to my way of thinking, a more polished audio product...imho.
Good Luck.