Jungson JA-88D a.k.a CA-2801A

I am wondering about the sonic qualities of this superbly executed & well built Class A design. How does it sound & what does it compare to? Is it sensitive to AC cords,IC,speaker cables and/or power conditioners?

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PS..I am running all top of the line DH Labs IC & speaker wire, Blacksand Violet Z1 cords & Green Mountain Callistos speakers.On the front end I have the new Level 2 modded Shanling CD3000 with the switched out clock for improved jitter figures.
Contact Stewart at http://www.weekendenvironments.com/ and he will give you the scoop. He is also a great fellow to deal with.
I am currently using a JA-88D in my office system. Interestingly enough, I have it hooked to a pair of GMA Callistos. This is a fabulous combination. You already know how good the Callistos are. The Jungson really makes them sing. The sound is very rich with a full with a life-like soundstage. Excellent detail yet quite musical. Even though this integrated is fully class A, it's a tad shy in the bass dept. The Callistos aren't known for deep, pounding bass anyway. I have also heard the 120 watt class A-B Jungson integrated with the Callistos. With the additional power, the bass response improved, it maintained good detail and soundstage but lost a bit of the rich musicality the 88D has. It loves upgraded p/cords. I'm currently using a Dream State Deep Dream with it and I'm very pleased. I also use a VansEvers line conditioner. You will find the 88D responsive to any and all additions. It does get quite warm however being fully class A. This integrated is a true winner. I think you would be quite surprised what it can do. I would gladly get another one or really, any Jungson product.
Thanks Jaguar.I have one here now at home to try & I concur even though I now notice sibilance is a little more pronounced as are the t & ch sounds on some disks.None-the-less,I can not keep my toes from tapping which is what it is all about.The Blacksands are supposed to be amongst the best even given their modest price however I may borrow some quality Jungson AC cords & see if the sound improves.I use a sub with mine so the bass is not a issue & what bass they produce is quite tight & well defined.A cheap Jungson cord came with the unit however it looked like the usual Wall Mart throw in so I did not bother with it.

I see Roy has abandoned this wonderful cabinet because of the cost of producing it.The new Eos line is intriging but retrograde in the WAF dept.Roy is a genius when it comes to speaker design albeit one has to be a audiophile to handle how most of these speakers look.He is just a joy to deal with & has been very helpful during my initial set up problems. I briefly owned a pair of Harbeth Monitor 30 & the Callistos blew them away in terms of midrange clarity & soundstage et al.The Harbeths were good in that even my poorly recorded CDs were passable & the Seas Excel tweeter is my all time favorite although I have not heard the Dynaudio Esotar2. Anyway,I am rambling.


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