Jungson Integrated, have you heard it?

I just read the Bound For Sound review of this $1500 integrated. Do you have any experience with this amp? Does it really compete with the big boys, or is this just another above average amp for the money.

I haven't listened to Jungsons but they seem to be ready to take a lot of market share. I drool over the JA-50 class-A monoblocks!
Yes, I've had the JA-88D since May. That was the same time BFS had one of Andy's(Sekei.com) units in for the review.

Too make a long story short I went to Sekei. to order a Mingda tube amp. Andy had raved about the 88D and for good reason. I thought I would give it a listen, out of courtesy, since he had been so helpful.

I never auditioned an amp after that and bought the unit that afternoon. Something I never do as I'm one of those kind that likes to research forever before buying.

I've had tube, SS and Hybrid. This amp really does deliver a great deal of both tube and ss in one package.

I really don't have any comparison. Previously owned Jolida 202A (tube) Cambridge Audio A500RC (SS) and Jolida 1701A (hybrid). None of these are really in or near the same class.

There is a poster on AA who also owns the Jungson and has owned several other fine amps. He upgraded from the Odyssey Stratos to a $3500 Coda class A. He then bought the Jungson and in his own words said the Jungson "destroyed" his $3500 Coda.

The only issue IMO is that it is class A and does generate heat. But it is on the cool side for a class A and I never found it a problem even in my 12x13x9 listening room