Jungson Impression mk2 or Jungson Katana SACD?

I'm very much intrested in both, the Jungson Impression mk2 and Moon Harbour(or is it Magic Boat, Inca Katana as they say?)tube CD players.
The impression mk2 CD player does look beautiful but i do like the benefit and sound of SACD the Magic Boat CD player is compatible with.
I don't know if it's possible but can anyone comment on the sound both players present?
If compared side by side, wich would have the best sound?
Or is the sound very similar?

I guess with the slightly higher price on the Impression mk2 cd player it is down to the design and weight of the unit only. Or would this be the better player?

Also doesn't Xindak make nomore SACD players? They used to have the SCD-2.