Jungson DVD player STILL not working

Hi! I have posted regarding my disfunctional Jungson New Moon 2 dvd player before, and thought I'd try again...

The problem is, I accidentally selected the "clear defaults" tab in the menu and now the player shows nothing but a black and white image of the main menu spinning rapidly past. I've
tried turning off the player, unplugging the player for long lengths of time etc.

Does anyone know who is currently distributing Jungson and/or someone who could repair this unit?

After a month or so after emailing Jungson in China, I received an email back stating, "How are you! Yes, the password is:8888." Fat lot of good that did me, as there is no way I can enter the password, as the screen is spinning past at 1000 mph. It's impossible to see any curson or on the screen, much less where it is in relation to any entry box. And just pointing the remote at the unit and pressing the code numbers does nothing.

Last time I ever buy a Chinese audio product, that's for sure!

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