Jungson Amps- anybody know anything about them?

there have been several amps made by JUNGSON advertised here and on Ebay lately. They look like ALOT of bang for the buck. Appear to be a chinese company but sold "wholesale" thru a US company.

Does anybody know anything about them? Would it be wise to steer away form a deal like this? Just concerned should warranty/service issues arise 5-6 yrs down the road and they may be hard to find?


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I was lucky enough to attend the open house held by "Sekei", the seller of the Jungson line (I live about 1 1/2 hours away). Here's a short review of the event in the form of an email I sent to one of Andrew's prospective customers:

"I had a great time at Andrew's today auditioning all of the Jungson gear; this stuff is real eye candy (the pictures just can't do this equipment justice). I came looking to set-up a second system but was immediately taken by the appearance of the "Middle Silver 1s", these are big, beautiful speakers! The fit & finish is top notch with a piano black face polished to a mirror finish.
I've owned Von Schweikert VR-4 speakers ($3.8K) for about 4 years now and have been very happy with them (they are wonderful sounding speakers) but I've got to say they look down right plain compared to the Jungsons. The MS1s stand at least 6' tall compared to about 4' for my VR4s (they look like $8K-$10K speakers IMO)
Now for the sound, I was very pleased with the sound of the MS1s with every combination of preamps, amps, and integrateds that Andrew tried with them. They had no sonic faults of any kind... very open and natural sounding with an easy to follow & well delineated bass line. An obvious plus over my VR4s was the sound didn't change from the sitting to standing position (the VR4s sound totally changes character when I stand up).
I'm very anxious to hear these in my own system, even if they "only" sound as good as my VR4s with their beauty factored in they are keepers!
Hope this helps, Jim"
I bought the demo pair of MS1s for my main system! Andrew is going to personally deliver them next week; they weigh almost 200 lbs each!! I also got on the waiting list for a pair of the JA-50 monoblocks & one of the JA-2 preamps so I guess you could say I was very impressed with this Chinese gear :-D