Jungson 88c upgrade

I am looking to move my Jungson 88c into my second system and upgrade and try a new integrated amplifier and was looking for some recommendations in the ~$500-800 range. I think I would like to try either a tubed hybrid or a tube amp and it will be driving a fairly sensitive pair of diy mtm's. Any ideas?
What about something like the Onix sp3? Would something like that be a improvement?
I don't know that you would get much of an improvement, if any, in the price range you are looking at. Some interesting comments here:


Many people feel you will have to go to at least the $1000 and quite possibly into the $1500 area to get a major improvement on the 88C.
What if I did bump the budget to the $1000 range? Are there any similar giant killers like the jungson?
Sorry, I just don't know the answer to that. What I do know is that there are 88C owners who prefer the 88C to integrateds such as the Plinius 9200, Classe integrateds, Sim integrateds, etc. so it will not be an easy task to find something that will substantially better it without spending a fair bit of cash.
I've had the Jungson 88C and went with a used Jolida JD1501RC that I picked up here on Audiogon for $575 with shipping. Definately feel that the Jolida is a better sounding integrated amp than the Jungson. I also have a Qinpu A-1.0X and prefer it to the Jungson.