Jumping in with both feet, VSM-MM

After listening to friends Merlins TSM-MM in my system and talking with Bobby, I have decided to jump in with both feet. I have ordered a pair of Merlin VSM-MM. The only concern I have is the BAM. My Atma-Sphere MP3 pre amp and M60 OTL amps are balanced. I want to run the BAM in the tape loop, which is unbalanced, so I can use the buffer stage in the pre map to drive the 35-foot innerconnects to the M60 amps.
Do you see any problems doing this?
Did you ask Bobby?

I can't answer your question however I can say that every time I've heard Merlins I have been well pleased with the sound. Best of luck with your new purchase.

Paul :-)
Please be shure its the new improved BAM.Apparantly 30% better.See the Merlin website.

If I have this right, the BAM is close to the preamp, but the preamp output requires a 35 foot interconect to the OTL?

By the way, good choice, but please strongly consider the future. It might be perhaps best to get the VSM-MX as you are already dealing directly with Bobby.

this will be fine and work better than between the pre and power amp.
and yes the speakers will come with the super bam.

The Merlins in your system should be fantastic !

Considering your OTL amplification...would the VSM-MX version not be the best choice,as opposed to the MMs ?? I think you have to consider this very carefully ...

I have the VSM-MMs,but use it with a ss output int amp.


I am to the understanding that either the MX or the MM can come with a tube or SS harness. The only differnce between the MX and MM is finish.
Is this correct?

Tube or ss harness ~ not part of the current range ie. MM or MX.Part of the previous models.

Difference between MM and MX ~ Finish,Q(damping ),price,waiting period , suitabillity to current amp and any future amp plans.

I guess Bobby would recommend Cardas Golden Reference cabling for your setup.

If I were you and I had the Atma-Sphere amplification,I would go for the MX version.


Chris is right. Note #2 on the pricing page within the Merlin website just needs updating (i.e. removed). The choice of the T (tube) or S (solid state) "internal wiring harnesses" option WAS an option with the VSM-M.