I would like some help in understanding what, if any, unique characteristics i should look for in purchasing jumper cables for my monitors...Connection types, etc.

Thanks all!
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Try to buy the same jumpers as your speaker cables and have one end in spades and the other in bananas if your speakers accept them.

If you use banana pins then get spade jumpers. The same cable is good but I found that a very neutral transmitter for a short distance works well. Walker makes a Jumper which is perfectly simple. Although I currently use Cardas copper braid with Rhodium spades previously just stripped copper hook-up wire but the Walker appears to be a superior solution. I would add only if you don't suffer the radio transmission interference RMI IFE etc. It is a silver bar not so thin to that it looks like it would bend easily terminated with the same silver spades. A staight distance betweeen your upper and lower binding posts. No -Nada -nothing else to it -not even insulation or embellishment- etc very simple.