Jumpers for Revel F30's

I have a pair of Revel F30's. For many years I ran Nordost bi-wire cables. Less than year ago I sold the Nordost and purchased a pair of Analysis Plus Oval 9's, in a single wire configuration.

Fortunately, I still had the jumper bars that came with the speakers, and wired the new cables using the original jumper bars which I presume are gold plated brass.

I've been doing some reading lately suggesting that those bars should be ditched and in their place use a short length of speaker wire. Analysis Plus markets Oval 9 jumpers.

I would like to know if anyone wight he same speakers as mine, or even F32s, or F52s, has any experience with substituting jumper cables for the factory jumper bars?

I have some 8 AWG hookup wire, and am toying with the idea of making my own set of jumpers to determine whether there is any audible difference I can discern

The consensus is . . . . . . . .
Ditch the factory jumper bars and go get some quality jumpers to match your speaker cables ...very strongly preference ( emphasis added) to identical ones to match to your speaker cables.

Those cheap, cheap, stamped metal factory jumper bars in your system is like pairing up a mule to a thoroughbred.
There are usually quality jumpers for sale on agon. Your own 8 guage will be far better than the factory straps. But quality jumpers from a good cable company will be better yet.

Although not Revel speakers, I did find replacing the factory jumpers definitely improved sound quality. Tried a couple of different ones, and decided same as speaker cable is probably the best. Also, connecting main cable to HF terminals or LF terminals can sometimes make a difference. Another twist in connecting the main cable is to use positive on the LF, and negative on the HF, or vise versa. Opinions vary on connecting main cable, and IMHO, the one that sounds best to you is correct.
Well, I got around to making my own jumpers- 8 AWG hook up wire (thank
you Lowes), banana plugs ( Nakamichi- really- that's how they are
branded- from eBay) soldered with WBT silver solder.

First thing I put on- Muddy Waters Folk Singe LP (45rpm).

So far I certainly discern no harm. This LP has a certain jump factor which
it still has in ample quantity. Yet I also discern a more distinct sound stage
width which makes no sense to me at all. Wonder what going to AP + Oval
9 jumpers would do-

Then again, perhaps it's how I have everything wired

The speaker cables go to the high input

The jumpers wind up only feeding the woofers whose crossover frequency
is 220hz. Years back when I had magnepans I added a sub. Sure I got
more bass but I also experienced a wider soundstage- as if a more solid
bass was the foundation of a wider stage. These little DIY jumpers, only
feeding my woofers, are doing something similar.

Not a bad $12 investment!