Jumpers for NAD C370

On my donwhill slide I have settled (for the moment) on a NAD C370. A very musical piece. i did put an IEC socket in it but am wondering about jumpers. Having had gear with the metal bars and only compared them to the AQ jumpers I will say they are different (notice I did not say better) The AQ are warmer but the jumpers do other things. Question is what other jumpersare available and what have people tried ?? What did you like or dislike?? Thanks,keith
R U realy serious?
Jumpers are only less than an inch long!
I used the short (about 3 inch) AQ jumpers on both of my NAD int-amps and found them a nice improvement over the metal stock jumpers. I moved up to a very short pair of AQ Diamondbacks interconnects on one and King Cobras on the other to use as jumpers. Both were a worthwhile improvement in my opinion.

I am very much satisfied with the results I hear, which is more detail and realism.

The lengths are .5m
R U realy serious

Unfortunatly yes. Many many guys have changed them out. That is like saying its only a power cord. In a perfect world NONE of this would matter but as annoying as it is they do sound different. It has nothing to do with length. It has to do with what they are made out of.