Jumpers for McIntosh MC225s operating in mono


This question is about McIntosh MC225s operating in mono.

Has anyone experimented with different types of “jumpers” (copper, silver, stranded, solidcore, etc.) to enable mono operation? And have those experiments produced results which are more musical than others? The McIntosh manual says “wire” and a friend who knows this amp has told me, half in jest, that a paperclip would do. The people I have talked to say that these jumpers must be solid and bare wire all the way.

All of the other cabling in the system (ICs & SCs), except PCs, is silver-based.

Experience and evaluations based upon experience, rather than speculation or conjecture, are of much more interest to me.

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I use custom made jumpers with barrier spades to accommodate the connections.
I never heard the paper clip or solid copper wire being the preferred method.
My amps have been connected this way for five years with no issues and sound like the Mc225 should sound.

I would keep the gauge of the jumper the same or larger than what ever wire you use to feed the speaker.
Analysis Plus Big Sliver Jumpers with barrier spades.
I've heard of using solid copper before, but IMO, it's kind of a eye sore.

I would follow Apachef1's advice and if available use the same cabling as what you're using for speaker wire.

A paper clip would work, but not if you care about sound quality.
Thank you for your responses... if anyone has other experience related to this, I'm interested...

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