Jumperless jumpers

Thinking of making my own speaker cables with Dueland 12 gauge and bare wire termination.
Rather than making jumpers, could I just strip the wire at a spot a few inches from the end and again at the end. Placing each of the stripped sections into the binding posts.
I have not seen this done, but why end the cable and put in a jumper?
I recall seeing a review of the Dueland wire (in Positive Feedback I believe) where they recommended exactly what you are suggesting when connecting to speakers which support bi-wiring and claimed it was superior to any alternative connection scheme.
I agree, except you might need to add something or do some periodical cleaning to avoid the effects of oxidation. 
As the strands are tinned, they should not corrode. That is why we use tinned wire in the Marine environment.
I did exactly that when I had my Tempo Electric SCs. It was recommended by the owner who said to run the cable through the hole of the bottom post and up through the top one in the same fashion. He even supplied me with some tubing that I cut to size and slice lengthwise to cover the bare wire. It sounded great but not really better than using jumpers.

It was very difficult to work with since the wire was solid, 14 GA silver and the posts weren’t lined up directly (line of sight). Both sets of posts were on a different step of a stepped layer and the wire had to be painstakingly threaded, bent, pushed, bent, and so on to guide it over and upwards. A real PITA. I hope yours are more directly in line of sight to each other.

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The Eminent Technology LFT-8b comes with jumpers for the two pair of binding posts, the jumpers simple lengths of stranded-copper with stripped ends.
Yes, you can do that no problem.
I've used that method in the past with the Duelund 16 and 12 gauge wire.
Yes this is a good method for sure. Even better sound can be had however by building jumpers using the Duelund 16 gauge stranded copper in cotton wire for the highs. Four strands twisted in a starquad configuration per individual jumper.