jumper materials/methods.

looking for suggestions on jumper materials and/or systems.to be used on aerial 10-t's.thanks in advance.
didn't know this was such a stupid question.thought there might be something i didnt know.
Not stupid question just stupid answer. Sorry about that, no harm intended. I have heard of after-market jumpers, just not sure what the name is. I'm sure someone on this site will help you out. Good luck.

Interesting responses...
You should try to find a Brown Electronics Lab set of jumpers. They're the best thing I've ever heard of unless you're bi-wiring. The cable in your speakers is NOT necessarily what you want for jumpers. Try Audio Concepts in Houston. Their number is 713-527-0774. I'm not an employee, but they have been great for me in the past.
All kinds are out there (though) rare:

Mapleshade Records makes a set of custom made.
Cardas does jumpers too,

I *think* Analysis Plus makes them also. But I think it is probably best to match your own wire as Marakanetz sez.

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