Jumper Cables.

I own the B&W matrix 803 series II speakers and wanted to know what you use for jumpers on your speakers and what you have compared them to. I also want to know what terminals you run your speaker cables to, the high frequency cross-over or the low frequency cross-over first? Has anyone tried running one of the wires to the high frequency terminal and one to the low frequency terminal?

Thanks and Happy Listening.

If I were going to use jumpers, I would connect the speaker wire to the top tweeter terminal, and run the jumper to the bottom bass terminal. Use some high quality speaker wire, not the brass ones they come with. Manufactured jumpers are also available from AudioAdvisor, Mapleshades, and others.

But actually I would Biwire them and not use jumpers, which is what I think you are referring to in your last sentence.
Where they my speakers and I didn't want to bi-wire, I would unscrew the binding post plate and with a soldering iron convert the speakers to run off of only one pair of binding posts. I seriously doubt any overpriced jumper will surpass that arangement sonically, unless your goal is to color the sound rather then pass it through with as little distortion as possible....
My Alon V's are said to sound best when tri-wired and have 3 sets of binding posts per speaker. I am currently running them bi-wired while waiting for Acarian Systems to get some more of their Black Orpheus in, so I can complete my tri-wire set up. The owner of Acarian Systems said to run the bass wire (which in Black Orpheus is a different gauge and configuration than the MF/HF wire) to the LF terminal, and the MF/HF wire to the HF terminal, with jumpers going to the MF terminal. This supports Sugarbrie's post. For jumpers I simply use a 4 to 6 inch length of high quality speaker wire. I have it hooked to bananas so I can plug them into the ends of my binding posts and not have to put 2 spades on one post. You could also use spades, which would make them similar to the Cardas jumpers, or even bare wire if you make sure the posts are snug. I also have heard good things about the Mapleshade jumpers, but do not know what the synergy would be in conjunction with other wires, or if that is even a concern. However, I personally would bi-wire the speakers, or consider Socrates' suggestion, as I do not like the idea of jumpers.
While I also prefer bi-wire, the Cardas jumpers are very good. To my ear, it sounds noticeably better to run the speaker cable to the high-mid terminal and the jumpers from there to the bass.
Sugarbrie, why would you connect the wire to the tweeter? Wouldn't the bass need more power so better to get the power where it's needed most?
CDC...It is not an issue of power. There should be plenty of power regardless of how you hook them up. The highs are what you hear more than the bass. I want the cleanest signal powering the highs. If you choose a speaker cable for how it sounds, why color it with a jumper by hooking the speaker cable to the bass terminal?