Jumper Cable Recommendation

I have an integrated amp (NAD C370) and I'm thinking about replacing the stock metal u-clips (pre-out to main in connections). Looking for recommendations on good cables for this purpose. Also interested in any feedback regarding sound improvements you have experienced replacing stock u-clips and if it's worth the effort. Thanks
Good idea ... to change those wretched little things ... the equivilent of a coat hanger. AudioQuest has $39 jumpers using the conductors from their $500 interconnect. A jumper is just a few inched of positive only, so it must be cheap to use even a really expensive conductor. Maybe there are others ...
Bear Labs can make you jumper cables to custom order. They are excellent! Silver Audio also sells their own creation. The AudioQuest are also good, and probably cost less.
Perhaps Mark Hampton at Zcable.com can help. His cables are outstanding. God bless.
There is yet another option not covered. I've owned several pieces with the pre/out, power/in option and the very best result sonically is internally soldering. Downside is resale value may be hurt when you explain what you've done and why. Good luck.
I also have the NAD C-370 ( almost ready to smash it wth a hammer today with my little problem but its fixed now ) and i also replaced the jumpers. I noticed that it was more open and airy and just better. I used some $85 Silver plated copper Clarity Wires "emberglow" IC's that i had laying around. I wouldnt go spend a 100 dollars to replace the jumpers, but i would try something like the audioquest.

Good Luck, Happy listening