Jump on this please..........

Using spade jumpers....and spade speaker cables.....which should be closest to the speaker ........the jumper spade or the speaker wire spade...In other words do you lay the jumper spade over the speaker wire spade or vice versa .....should the speaker wire spade go low to high.....or high to low.......or whichever you want to highlight ? Thanks.
Looking at the connection as you would from behind the speaker, i would start off by backing the locking nut on the binding post out. I would then install the speaker cables from the amp with the spades going as close to the speaker cabinet as possible. Next step would be to install the jumpers , stacking them on top of the main speaker cable spades and towards the locking nut on the binding post. Then all you have to do is tighten up the locking nut on the binding post and connect the jumper to the other binding post.

Quite honestly, i don't think it would really make much difference but i bet that you'll have someone tell us that they can hear the difference : ) Sean
Darrylhifi, are you demo'ing the Au24's?

If you look at my virtual system, I have a pic where hopefully you can see all the connections at the back of my speakers.

I have the Au24's mono wire with spaded terminations. I also purchased the 6 inch jumpers with banana terminations. Well, actually the jumpers are spade terminated too, but Audience connected those jumpers to some nice silver(?) banana adapters.

So the Au24 speaker cables go to the midrange/high binding posts, the jumpers are banana on the midrange/high binding posts and then spade terminated (as I removed the banana adapters on that end of the jumpers) to the woofer binding posts.

Even though the banana adapters appear to be good quality, I was not overly impressed with the banana connections, so I reinstalled my original jumper straps to work with the Au24 jumper cables.

And in do so, I noticed a decent improvement in the sonics.

Hope this helps.

A better question is which pair of speaker terminals should you put the speaker cable on? Since the highs are more noticeable, the high/tweeter terminals is best for most speakers; running the jumper to the low/woofer terminal. But try it both ways if you don't mind experimenting; not all systems will react the same.
there are many ways to hook up jumpers/speaker wires to a set of bi-wired speakers. i have seen the speaker cables hooked up to the tweeters with jumpers to the midrange/woofer, or speaker cables hooked up to the midrange/woofer then jumpered to the tweeters, and i have even seen the negative speaker cable hooked up to the tweeter then jumpered to the midrange/woofer while the positive speaker cable is hooked up to the midrange/woofer then jumpered to the tweeter (and vice versa). I did ask a couple of speaker manufacturers about the different ways of using jumper cables and the sonic improvements thay have seen while attending the he2003 show. Overall, each one had a preference for their speakers but they also said to try it for yourself, you should be the judge. While discussing this topic with different manufacturers, I also got an earfull of what type of jumper to use. Some indicated not to use cable at all but to use a silver posts, another gave me an 8 guage flat copper wire unterminated. IMO, it is best that you try different things on your speakers and what works best to you, go with it.