Jump Factor

Have you ever listened to a recording and there was a sound so real that it made you jump because something was there in the room with you.

There were sound effects on one of Paul Taylor's cd's last night that startled me.

Which was it for you?
Magma. My heart skipped a beat on a percussive vocal crescendo with a steel-trap of a transient (reminded me of the weaponized utterance: "Mua'dib!" in David Lynch's Dune) that startled the living sh*t out of me. 120w tube monos + La Scalas can make some transients take the breath out of you like you've just stepped off a cliff.
The first time I heard a hand clap on Janis Ian's "Breaking Silence" album I almost bolted out of my chair thinking something bad had happened to a new record I couldn't return.
Patrick O'hearn, a song called Malevolent Landscape. I am very familiar with the song yet still to this day it makes my heart skip a beat. The song lulls me with low bass tones, rythmic ambient bliss and then what sounds like an intense electronic brass section blast jumps out and clears all the cobwebs out of my -ss. Have never heard anything quite like it and although I know it's comming it gets me every time.
I might add that although Patrick O'hearn's music is a bit ambient at times I have found very few artists that explore the full frequency spectrum in their music like he does. His recordings are very well engineered and make my speakers do strange and wonderful things.
There is a disc that my Brother and i use as part of our "reference listening sessions" when comparing gear. As such, we've heard this track a million times. It has some very fast and dynamic percussive sounds that are of great impact and that's why we use it. If it sounds slow, soft and rounded, we know that the equipment lacks the amount of speed and finesse to reproduce both subtle details and maximum dynamics.

After installing a new component into the system and giving it some time to warm up, i popped this disc in. After spinning through a few tracks, i went to the specific cut that we listen to most of the time. When a certain part of the song came up, i literally jumped out of my seat as it startled me. If my Brother hadn't experienced the same thoughts and noticed this himself, i'm sure that i would have looked like a "kook". The sound was SO fast, dynamic and impactfull that it literally startled me enough to make me lunge forward at full throttle. Needless to say, we still laugh about that to this day : ) Sean

PS... Much like Mwilson's comments, i was using Klipsch speakers also, but these were highly modified.
Gee Sean, keeping us in suspenders are ya?