Julien Baker - Vocal-centered Music.

I'm a vocal + piano lover, and am having a really hard time decifering reviews between higher-end headphones.  I'm running an RME ADI-2 FS DAC and a Topping A90 amp, but need to upgrade my cans from the DT770 Pro (which sounds crisp-ish but not detailed enough and really flat - I know they're on the cheaper end, as well) to something that will give me all the clarity and detail in voice-forward tracks without hurting my ears.  Can someone please help?
I was first sold on the Utopias, but have read reviews suggesting they're too relaxed, and not deserving of the price point (while major reviewers like HiFi just rave and rave).  I was then sold on the Clears, but have read that they're like Beats + $$$.  Essentially, like my title suggests, I'm looking for headphones that will make a listening experience with someone like Julien Baker or the like super intimate and detailed.
There are so many reviews, but none seem to be tailored to my needs or with my needs in mind, and, well, it's so hard to learn enough about things before making a massive purchase.  I need some good advice

Can someone please help me?
I put on some of her music using my Grados, the low end SR80 and then my 1000, I enjoyed her in both. I also have Audeze cans which to me made her sound a little dark. However, if you check around many people dislike Grados, so try them or get a refund policy if you don’t like them. One other nice thing about grados is they have a big range of price, going from $100 to $2,000. 
Hey Deadhead,  Thanks for getting back to me!  I'll add trying out the Grados to my list.  Thanks for actually taking the time to give Julien a listen, too - while she's only one of my favorite artists, the style of music from top to bottom best encapsulates what I'm after.  Thanks again!