Jukebox and SACD - Help Me Get Great Sound

Unfortunately I am going to have to use a jukebox in my audio-only set-up (WAF). Most of my collection is regular CD although I will be getting into SACD no doubt. Question: Do I go with Sony's new DVP-CX777ES which does all formats and maybe digital-out to an upsampling jitter filter (ie. Monarchy) and a DAC for acceptable sound for standard CDs?
Get a standard CD jukebox (Sony or Pioneer) plus the upsampler/DAC combo as above and a separate SACD player for that purpose?
Is there are a better solution?

Rest of system is Classe CAP-150, Totem Forest.
Itball, I'm in the late stages of completing a system for a new room we're adding. I can provide general first impressions. Although I have several input sources, one is a cheaper 400 CD Sony jukebox player (I entertain a lot and changing CDs is not always convenient). The Sony is connected via glass toslink cable to a Monarchy 24/96 jitter filter - to the newest version dAck Ack DAC(also have the MSB 24/96) and finally to a C2200 tube McIntosh preamp. My system with the dACK is not upsampled (but love the dACK). I've not finished running comparisons and the overall "BEST" setup will change once the room is finished and the system moved, but preliminary inpressions are the Sony 400 jukebox has a real place in my system. The sound is very good. The type DAC makes a huge difference in the overall sound. The Monarchy has a much lesser impact. I much prefer the dACK in this system to the MSB. Depending on the DAC, the sound is in the same ballpark as my single play CDR unit, but SACD is at a completely different level...absolutely exceptional. Unfortunatley, in my humble opinion, the greatest limiting factor in providing truely "high end" sound are the CDs themselves. As equipment improves, the poor sound quality of many CDs is exposed.
Recommend going with the Jukebox, a great DAC (one that fits your system and ears) and an SACD player that also does a great job on redbook CDs -- a must for that "OH MY LORD DOES THAT SOUND AWESOME" need in all audiophiles. You'll have the best of both worlds(if finances permit of course).
Other Input Sources:
- Turntable: JA Michell GYRODEC
- SACD/CD: Sony S9000ES
- CD Jukebox: Sony 400 CDR
- Tuner: McIntosh MR7083
- Also experimenting with a Computer 24/96 MP3 Jukebox M-Audio Revolution 7.1 Soundcard to an MSB 24/96 DAC.
Hope this helps, slhijb