Juicy peach/ plinius 8100

OK, This isn't really a question but a statement, It's been my discovery that the plinius 8100 is more resolving or you hear more detail. I was listening to the juicy peach and there was a particular black crowes song from there new album. It sounded very nice with the peach but then switched to the 8100 and actually heard Rich Robinson count off 3 and 4 before the song started. I didn't hear any part of that with the peach and it also seemed to be a little slower with the pace compared to the 8100. Perhaps this is just tube versus solidstate. anyway thats been my experience. I sold the peach today to a friend who had never had tubes in his system. He has acoustat electrostatic speakers and he was quite pleased with the warmth the tubes brought to those speakers. Scott
Curious to know which Z setting you used on the Peach with the 8100; Hi Z or Lo Z?

Also, what tubes did you try in the Peach?
Lo Z was the way to go.

Your friend might try Amperex 6922 USA white label, or Siemens 6922 (E88CC). These have far more clarity and balance than the Brimar, which are known to sound fuzzy.

The Philips you tried might have been made by Amperex, but in my experience Philips tubes have always sounded less refined than Amperex tubes even though theoretically the Philips tubes could be of similar construction.

Anyway, just a suggestion.
the 'count' just isn't there using one?...or not as pronounced?