Juicy Music Preamps

Has anyone had experience with the Peach or the Blueberry?
Heard good things, but I'd like to know more.

Hi Peter,

You might contact Dean (dgwescott), as he is familiar with them. Has a lot of great things to say about the Juicymusic products.
Geez - what's happening to Audiogon? A well reviewed preamp with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee, and nobody has anything to report? I should have something to say in about a month. Hope it's good.

Juicy Music? Peach? Blueberry? I suspect the branding has a negative effect on the products, pretty hard to take 'em seriously.
I had the Peach in my system for a week about 10 months ago during a "tour" it made around the country. I found it to be an excellent preamp, very quiet, just a tad warmer than the Modwright 9.0SE if I remember correctly. Construction, parts selection and layout were all excellent. It looks much better in person than pictures would lead you to believe and the look actually really grew on me during the time that I had it. One feature I especially liked was the seperate gain and volume controls... you really need to try it in your system to see how it suits your tastes!
They're pretty popular over on the www.klipsch.com forums. You're likely to get some good feedback there.
Glad you asked the question about Juicy Music Preamps. I have not be able to try one as of yet and will be looking forward to your view on them. I would be going for the lowest prriced one as that would be all my budget will allow for now. They rarely seem to come up on the used market.
here's a review of the blueberry.


Hey Hack....you may not think the name is serious enough, but as an owner of the BB Xtreme, I can tell you that the sound sure is! High-end performance at real world prices. Rather than re-type all my comments here, if you are interested you can see them on audiocircle.com. Just do a search on my handle "toobluvr". A search on "blueberry" "peach" or "juicymusic" will yield other comments.
One further note. To learn more about JuicyMusic products, and direct user experiences, hop on over to the Klipsch forum. There are tons of comments/reviews/opinions over there......almost all of them wildly enthusiastic.

For example:
search on "blueberry" returns 14 pages of posts
search on "peach" returns 16 pages
search on "juicymusic" returns 1 page
search on "juicy music" returns 5 pages
Having used a Blueberry since this past April I could not be happier.

At the time i was shopping for a Phono Pre and liked the sound of my Sota/Benz combo through the BB. For the price of a good Phono stage I got a nice preamp thrown in.

After a couple of months of use I sent mine back to Mark for the "extreme" upgrade. The only mod I have done since is add a couple of tube dampers.

Sure there are better preamps but be prepared to pay some serious money

Can those of you who have bought them new tell about the breakin process? How did they sound out of the box? How long did they take to break in? Thanks, Peter
I am quite interested to hear some more comments as well - I personally like the "classic" style look of the Blueberry Extreme. Also, one 6moons reviewer put the Blueberry in his list of best components of 2005. The excellent phono stage would be a big plus as well :)
Peter: My experience w break-in.......
Right out of the box my BB Xtreme was excellent. You will get a good dose of its character and ultimate sound right from the outset. Certainly not unlistenable like some non-burned gear I've owned. It just gets better with use....mainly in the areas of control, coherency, focus, inner detail and dimensionality. Subtle...not night-and-day changes. Such that I am unable to pin a total number of burn-in hours on it.

Restock: as I've already mentioned, tons of comments and many enthusiastic JM owners on the Klipsch forum. Why not just wander over there for some opinions?
Peter, be on the lookout for a single Amperex 1950's d getter pinch waist USA for the first position in your amp. You be giving yourself the biggest upgrade IMHO you can do to the Pre-amp